From the January 2007 Idaho Observer:

Open letter to Judge Hendren

Honorable Jimm L. Hendren

35 East Mountain St.

Fayetteville, AR 72701

January 20, 2007

I am writing you as a very concerned citizen who abhors the assaults on our beloved Constitution. You should know that the Hollis Wayne Fincher case has shocked and alarmed citizens across Arkansas, the United States, and the world.

I am not an attorney but thought all citizens had the right to a public trial, before our peers, that we were considered innocent until proven guilty, and that our Bill of Rights were our protection against arbitrary force. This trial, where Constitutional law was not allowed, where the jury was not allowed to hear Wayne’s testimony, where the jury was not instructed in their rights and responsibilities, i.e. jury nullification, where 60 hours of entrapment/infiltrated wiring was perpetrated in which there was never any evidence against Mr. Fincher, the jury was not allowed to know that Washington County Militia was always open, sent letters of notification and complete declaration of intentions and arms to all high law enforcement officials including the Governor on several occasions, signed by Lt. Commander of the Washington County Militia, Wayne Fincher; therefore the jury was ignorant of Fincher’s motivations, his intentions, his actions (which were never violent or threatening in any way), his character, patriotism, religion, etc.

Justice in Arkansas is under close scrutiny and those who believe in our Constitutional rights are very upset about the treatment of Fincher. He is 60 years old, a dedicated citizen, a Constitutional scholar, a peace-loving family man who has been on his family’s acreage for 4 generations…in poor health and suffers from not having proper diet, medication, and medical attention.

Therefore, on behalf of the thousands in Arkansas and the hundreds of thousands across the nation who want justice for Hollis Wayne Fincher, whose only guilt was his absolute belief in his Constitutions and never harmed anyone in his life, we make a plea for his freedom to live out his life, on his land, with his family…which is all he really wanted in the beginning and in the end. He has already suffered a terrifying experience at the hands of eight law enforcement agencies and served 3 months of incarceration, practically incommunicado. Surely that is more than sufficient.

In the meantime, could not the government do something about the invasion of millions of illegal alien criminals, particularly in NW Arkansas?


Barbara McCutchen

Fort Smith, Arkansas

P.S. Can you tell us the location of several illegal alien criminals that were arraigned at the same hearing with Wayne, since they were released and he was not? Also what is the status of their trials, testimony, & incarceration?

While at it sir…could you cite the date and case when illegal alien criminals have attained greater access to justice than non-criminal U.S. citizens? It would be most helpful to us all.

Many are comparing this to the Border Patrol agents sent to prison for doing their job, while the illegal alien criminal drug smuggler goes free and sues the U.S. for $5 million.

Note: The mailing address for the judge who conducted this court to achieve the conviction of a good man (see Fincher story this month) is atop this letter. Consider dropping hizzoner a line yourself.

~DWH (unregistered grassroots activist)

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