From the January 2007 Idaho Observer:

Shhhhh! Don’t tell the subjects resources people

Members of both the plant and animal kingdoms living today are equal in one significant sense: We are test subjects in an impressive array of "experiments."

This "equality" has been established by certain human animals (lab-coated psychopaths and those who finance/facilitate them) without concern for the immediate or longterm biological affects on their human, animal and plant "subjects" or the earthly balances that determine whether or not we thrive, survive or die.

We are entering the "conclusion" phase of the scientific process with regard to these experiments. Before listing a few of the more critical conclusions, let’s define our test subject status—a capacity in which the rich and famous, the poor and wretched, whales and phytoplankton, elephants and bacteria, redwood trees and algae are all equals:

1. The grandparents (Generation V) of humans who are now in their 40s and 50s (Generation X) were born when the automobile was first being introduced. At that time, only a few toxic chemicals were in limited use; synthetic drugs had not been developed, the food supply was not mass processed, packaged and chemically preserved; communications were limited to the mail, radio and telegraph; telephones were not yet commonplace and movies were still scratchy and silent.

2. The parents (Generation W) of generation X grew up in the post-WWII era and were the first generation to reach adulthood in our culture defined by automobiles, airplanes, chemicals, synthetic drugs, mass-produced, packaged and chemically-processed food, telephones, radios and (black and white) televisions.

3. Generation X is the first generation to be born into the culture described above. During the first half of our lifetimes alone, we have witnessed—and financed through our new-found culture of obsessive consumption—a dramatic proliferation of technological advances to such an extent there is no point of land, no gulp of air, no spot in the ocean and no drop of fresh water left untouched by our human activities.

4. The children (Generation Y) of Generation X have lived every day in a world that is (and with bodies that are) becoming increasingly polluted from the toxic byproducts of an age defined by war, resource exploitation, synthetic drugs, chemically-grown/genetically-modified and processed food, contaminated water, hydrocarbon combustion, mass (microwave) communications, plastics, foams, paints, solvents, mass production and mass consumption of an endless array of widgets.

5. We, Generation X, are now the grandparents of Generation Z.

Now contemplate the difference between us and our grandparents—where we were in history when they were born, where we were in history when we were born and where our grandchildren are, right here in the present, when they were born. It only takes a minute and it’s as easy to see as V-W-X-Y-Z.

And now the conclusions:

1. Many experiments are failing (or succeeding, depending on the desired outcome): War, poverty, human suffering, environmental degradation, economic instability and international crime are an omnipresent contemporary global reality; epidemic numbers of people are suffering chronic symptoms and dying from strange diseases; epidemic numbers of children throughout the world are being born with physical defects and; epidemic numbers of children throughout the world are being born with or are developing neurological disorders. All this is very bad for people. On the other hand, all this is very good for those who derive personal pleasure or fiscal benefits from the death, destruction, dysfunction and misery currently abounding.

2. The environment is changing and is increasingly unable to support animal life: Birds are dropping from the skies, amphibians are mutating, bees are going blind, sea mammals are beaching themselves, freshwater fish kills are increasingly common

3. The environment is changing and is increasingly unable to support plant life: Farmland is becoming less productive, even desertified and is producing crops of diminishing nutritional value; entire regions of forest land are falling prey to bugs and diseases; throughout the world native species of helpful native plants used to natural environmental and climatic conditions are unable to compete with invasive, aggressive, non-native species of non-helpful plants able to thrive under those same conditions.

Logic and the scientific process allow us to reduce the "grand experiment" into the following hypothesis: " The natural world will be improved through chemistry."

It is/I am/you are an experiment

It is impossible to "prove" how anything new affects everything else for periods of time greater than the time lapsed since its introduction; we can only document what the effects of everything new on everything else are while we are observing them. However, at some point, if we are objectively observant, we become qualified to draw some valid conclusions. More importantly, at some point it is essential to our survival that we draw, publish and disseminate certain valid conclusions and alter our individual behaviors and collective policies as common sense would dictate. Conversely, if we choose to be subjectively observant, we will publish and disseminate invalid conclusions to justify our existing individual behaviors and collective policies—common sense (and the future) be damned.

We are now at a point that it is essential to our survival that we publish and disseminate conclusions regarding the "better living through chemistry" experiment.

The subjective conclusion would completely avoid addressing our hypothesis to state that the experiment is a success so we should continue vaccinating children, continue taking pharmaceutical drugs, continue eating genetically-modified/chemically grown, processed and packaged foods devoid of nutritional value, continue drinking chemically-treated water and other chemically-created beverages, continue emitting toxic materials in the air, land and sea, continue burying our garbage in the earth (or dumping it in the sea or burning it) and continue our passion for mindlessly using whatever product comes on the market because we can pretend we are living better through chemistry.

The objective conclusion would determine: "The natural world has not improved through chemistry" and that "humans had better change their ways immediately or they may not survive."

VWXYZ. The experiment is a failure. Generation X: We are the grandparents now. We are the ones who will determine the fate of the world and all the plants and animals in it; we will determine whether or not our grandchildren will someday become grandparents. But, shhh—Don’t tell the people; don’t publish and disseminate the objective conclusion. We don’t want little inconveniences like perpetual wars, deepening poverty, spreading global misery, widespread economic and environmental disasters, epidemic illnesses and neurological disorders and escalating international crime and the possible extinction of the human race to get in the way of "bidness." ~DWH

New hypothesis: "Humans are smart enough to stop poisoning their environment."

Generation Z will likely write the conclusion to experiments this hypothesis implies. ~DWH

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