From the January 2007 Idaho Observer:

Qualifying the motive

comments by Walter Burien


Over the last several decades, Americans have been complaining about:

1. Big businesses outsourcing; building their factories in Mexico and Asia.

2. Big pharmaceutical companies pushing their drugs on our children and us.

3. The massive increases we have seen in the cost of energy.

4. Last but not least, our own government’s allowance and, in-fact, outright cooperation with the above three points.

Well, government OWNS those companies through stock ownership. When the environment changes to force their products on the world, those dollars flow right into the pockets of our own government by and through government’s own multi-trillion dollar investment portfolios.

War....big profits for the war industrial groups! Forced medication or big bucks paid for those meds..... big profits for the pharmaceutical companies! Again, government owns those companies! Not 10%, 20%, 40%, or even 51% but in most cases over 65% to 80%.

On my front page: you will see a link to one (1) CAFR, the NY State Government Employees Retirement CAFR noting $133 billion of investments. Click there and you can download the investment list. Every investment that is a big dollar generator is qualified under the points above.

Look at the list of investments—It’s just a click away. After you look then think about the composite trillions of dollars that would add up from the thousands of OTHER government CAFR reports that equates to "behind the scene" ownership of those companies. Every issue, every step taken from the past or at play in the present will all make sense to you. It will become an issue of night and day; the gray of any confusion will disappear.

About three decades ago someone who was right at the top said to me: "It’s all about the money stupid." Well, back then what he said, went in one ear and out the other. Too many issues were being thrown at me to think it all boiled down to just one. Well, three decades latter, I now know it all boils down to one issue: The money.

It is much easier to understand what is happening to us once we qualify the motive. We just wish that our nation and her people were being destroyed for some greater and more evil purpose. But haven’t we always been told that the love of money is the root of all evil?

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