From the December 2006 Idaho Observer:

Centuries of unheeded "conspiracy theorist" warnings coming to pass
Conspiracy "factualists" preparing to tell friends, family "I told you so"

A multitudinous array of indicators are foreshadowing that 2007 will be remembered as the year Big Brother revealed his face—and what a face it is. Not even George Orwell could have predicted that the most ill-mannered, unstatesmanlike, inarticulate, boorish twerp to ever be made head of state would become "Big Brother." The forces that have been allowed to mold our material world are, apparently, not without a sense of humor.

The history we are taught in government school teaches us to abhor the subject. As a result, most publicly-instructed individuals live their entire lives and go to their graves blissfully ignorant of the rich and complex web of fascinating events that molded their most private thoughts and subtly govern their every action.

Yet the annals of recorded history are punctuated all the way through to present time with the revisionist opinions of researchers who dared to break the mold by thinking independently of their conditioned contemporaries. The price of their dissidence, historically, has been high. Popular derision, professional assassination, imprisonment and/or public execution traditionally await those who seek to undermine state-enforced beliefs with facts and evidence.

This is the embarrassingly simple mechanism that has been employed down through the ages to keep the masses in line: Governments reward those who stay with the herd by allowing them to live; governments destroy, by whatever means necessary, those who break away from the herd.

Modern dissidents have been watching for decades as a ruthless, fascist form of totalitarian global governance has been assuming the reigns of power under the cover of wars and ever-worsening economic, environmental and political conditions; we have known what to watch for because of those brave people throughout history who gave their lives so that we may have fair warning.

And here we are. The pages of this month’s edition of The IO will show that it does not require the paranoid delusion of a conspiracy "theorist" to see that the ol’ socio-political clock on the wall has struck 11:59 p.m. All that is required to see the obvious is a desire to think rationally and independently.


U.S. "not winning" Iraq war

In response the question, "Are we winning the war in Iraq," posed to him Dec. 5 by Senator Carl Levin (D-MI), Donald Rumsfeld’s replacement as defense secretary responded, "No sir."

Though he would not go so far as to state the U.S. is "losing" the war, Dr. Robert Gates explained that U.S. failure in Iraq could ignite "a regional conflagration" in the Middle East.

The U.S. Institute of Peace formed the Iraq Study Group, led by James Baker III, released a report on the war Dec. 6, 2006. "The situation in Iraq is grave and deteriorating..." the report noted. The report details the multitude of ways that the U.S. "mission" in Iraq is failing and how "U.S. forces seem to be caught in a mission that had no foreseeable end."

As of Dec. 13, 2006, the Bush administration appears to favor a Pentagon plan to send another 50,000 troops into the region and gave the DOD another $168 billion to continue operations in Iraq.


Dollar appears to be "crashing"

China to cash in $1 trillion of its dollar holdings

The U.S. dollar, which has enjoyed preeminence as the world’s reserve currency, is falling from grace. Venezuela has announced it will monetize its oil in euros and China has announced its plans to begin cashing in the nearly $1 trillion it holds in T-bills and reserve dollar currency.

Like it or not, these are prudent moves. The dollar has lost 35 percent of its comparative market value since 2000, home prices have fallen 24 percent in the last month and the stock market is grossly overvalued. Escalating public debt and a war effort failing in Iraq is not helping foreigners with U.S. dollar investments to feel very confident about the dollar’s future viability. Global banking confidence in the dollar has been further diminished by the Federal Reserve’s decision to stop reporting the M3 money supply figures. In other words, no one but the Fed knows how much paper money is currently in circulation.

There is some speculation that the pending crash of the dollar is being orchestrated to hasten the appearance of the "amero"—a new fiat paper currency modeled after the "euro" that will serve as the common medium of exchange between the U.S., Mexico and Canada.

Regardless, as the dollar devalues, investors holding them are expected to sell, accelerating its devaluation, increasing the likelihood of a fatal dollar crash.

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