From the November 2006 Idaho Observer:

"V" goes to Washington

There is something really inspiring about the latest Capitol Hill event organized by Bob Schulz of We the People (WTP). If you are a moviegoer and saw "V for Vendetta" then you will understand. Since 1998, Bob Schulz has dedicated his life to accomplishing tow objectives: Get the federal government to answer pertinent questions regarding the legality of collecting—at gunpoint—the people’s wages and salaries as taxable "incomes" and raise public awareness to the point that people stop paying income taxes until government answers the questions. The history of Schulz and WTP’s activities is available at To simply highlight the highlights of WTP’s efforts would take at least two full pages. But, in fall, 2001, the IRS and DOJ attorneys agreed to publicly discuss the legality of the income tax and then reneged. In 2002, WTP led a cross country caravan to the Mall in DC to deliver 100,000 signatures from Americans petitioning their government for redress of grievances regarding the income tax, the war on terror and the so-called "Patriot Act. In 2004 a similar "congress" converged on D.C. from all over the nation to demand answers to respectfully-submitted petitions of redress. The response from government can best be encapsulated in a ruling (that is currently under appeal) from D.C. Federal District Court: The people do, indeed, have a constitutional right to petition their government for redress of grievances; the government, however, is not obligated to respond. This time, V took the message to them. Photo essays of the event are available at Enjoy.


by Jerry Van Sickle

About 50 citizens dressed as the character "V" from the movie V for Vendetta visited Washington, D.C., Nov. 14, 2006. The silent vigil began in front of the White house where Americans in white face and black capes waited for an hour for President Bush to answer the redress of grievance petitions.

The petitions for redress of grievance pertain to the government’s violations of the war powers, tax, privacy and money clauses of the Constitution. These petitions are guaranteed under the First Amendment rights, but our servants in government have chosen to ignore the People. The petitions may be read on We The People’s web site

The petitions have been delivered many times the first being in 2002 and most recently by "V" November 6, 2006.

No answer was received from President Bush after the hour-long silent vigil.

V, however, did meet with very enthusiastic crowds of lookers asking for information and providing moral support and solidarity.

V moved on to the Treasury Department where the silent vigil continued. Again, no answer received after waiting half an hour for an answer from Treasury Secretary Henry M. Paulson.

The crowds continued their support, as V marched to Pennsylvania Avenue carrying the banner "NO ANSWERS" "NO TAXES" in front of the Department of Justice to await an answer from Attorney General Alberto R. Gonzales. After half an hour no answer was received.

V continued the march carrying the banner to the Capital building to receive an answer from our Congressman and Senators. While waiting for an answer, the interest and support from the citizenry on the streets continued to grow; one supporter asked a profound question "Why don’t they just answer your questions?" Yes, why indeed. No answer came from either house of Congress.

For more information visit WTP’ web site


Uniquely American

Americans are now and, for the last couple decades, the movie-goingest people on the planet. As a result, our realities are shaped by the movies we watch, not unlike our learned ancestors’ realities were shaped by the books they read. Just for fun, pay attention to your conversations and even listen in on the conversations of others. You will find that almost no matter what the topic, conversations between Americans will include references to movies. Our worlds are shaped by movies so it is natural that, when we are attempting to explain how we feel or are attempting to find common ground with another American. For instance, "Did you see V for Vendetta? Do you remember when, at the end of the movie, thousands of Vs filled the streets and the weight of this crushing, anonymous humanity brought the evil government down?" We were moved in the dark theater and we hope that someday a piece of some of Hollywood’s magic will inspire our people to take their lives back. Or have a good laugh. Or learn an important spiritual lesson. Or...

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