From the November 2006 Idaho Observer:

Mushroom clouds over Baghdad

During the weekend of Oct. 14, 2006, President Bush met with his top military advisors to discuss "policy changes" with regard to how his administration is handling the war with Iraq. Spinning a positive war story to influence voters in advance of the elections, it turns out, is not what prompted the high-level meeting.

On Oct. 10, 2006, one of the U.S. military’s largest armories in Iraq, the Falcon base, blew up. Explosions, many of them sending huge mushroom clouds high up into the Arabian sky, reportedly continued for 23 hours and destroyed tanks, helicopters and airplanes as well as munitions and other supplies. The press has been absolutely silent about the eventwhich destroyed a significant portion of U.S. logistical support in the Iraq military theatre of operations.

The only references to the huge blow to U.S. military capabilities in the region are Internet blogs that are posting links to two video recordings of the spectacular event. Since links can change moment by moment, just type "Baghdad arsenal mushroom cloud" into your favorite search engine and follow your "surfing" instincts. You will find an Arabic news station’s broadcast of live footage taken from a distance of several miles. Then, with a little persistence, one can also find about five minutes of live video—and audio—shot by a marine who was much closer to the carnage.

The footage is riveting and the recorded commentary from the marines is strangely revealing.

So far there is no explanation for how "insurgents" could count such a devastating coup on what should have been a well-guarded facility or what caused so many mushroom clouds to form.

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