From the November 2006 Idaho Observer:

Each other: That which is either our doing or our undoing

I have met the enemy. We’ve had dinner, shared working environments, see each other at social gatherings and pass by one another in the streets and share the roads. I have met the enemy and he/she/it/we—is us.

What are we to do with us? For frailties that are quite embarrassing, our people have for generations ad nauseum bought into the statist and theocratic lies that perpetuate our collective desire to keep each other in bondage. Yes—it is us who enslave one another by willingly placing yokes, waist-chains and leg irons on our fellow sufferers because, without us, Bush/Cheney/Stalin/Hitler/Ceasar are/were men who, just like each of us individually, haven’t the personal power to enslave entire nations.

"Why do we let them use us to punish us so?" Isn’t that THE question of all times? Meyer A. Rothschild said, "Permit me to issue and control the money of a nation and I care not who makes its laws."

I say, "Permit me to empower human minds with the desire for knowledge and I care not who tries to control them."

But the state has been educating our people’s minds and adult children of the state are, not surprisingly, the result. The most maddening part of it all is that our people can be "educated" to predictably make decisions out of fear of being different and the state will reward them for doing what the state tells them is right.

A couple years ago, Colonel Donn de Grand Pre (ret.) assured me that ranking military brass is aware that 9/11 was an inside job and that their personnel were being used by the civilian government to fight unjust wars under false pretenses. I asked what was keeping them from refusing to fight. "Congress holds their pensions," de Grand Pre said.

The Spokane Fire Department sent a sympathy brigade to attend a memorial in New York to honor the firefighters who died on 9/11. One had been a fireman for 35 years and, when asked, stated that he knows there is no way that jet fuel alone brought down the Twin Towers. He also said that the New York firemen attending the service didn’t believe the government’s jet fuel story, either. So why haven’t the nation’s firefighters, led by the New York Fire Department, become outspoken advocates for a real investigation of 9/11? Wages. Benefits. Retirements.

Members of Congress and the legislatures of the several states, apparently, keep passing the laws that are destroying our nation and her people out of fear they will either get the Foley treatment or the Wellstone treatment (depending on who has pictures of what) because ruining the Republic is safer than whistleblowing and pays better than honest work.

How many times have you heard the bureaucrats enforcing legislators’ ruinous laws to justify their behavior by saying, "Just doin’ my job (that pays the bills, has a great benefits package and retirement plan)?

Think about it: The current joint chiefs of staff have sent thousands of their own soldiers and nearly a million non-combatant men, women and children to their deaths and dismemberments to fight wars they know to be phony because they are afraid to lose their pensions; firemen honor their dead and dying by refusing to find out who really killed them because taking paychecks until retirement is more important than pursuing justice for their fallen brothers; members of Congress are perfectly content to betray the American people because servicing the rich and perverse guarantees wealth and prosperity whereas representing the interests of the people does not and; legions of bureaucrats are "just doin’ their jobs" until retirement—oblivious of the damage their offices inflict on our people and our nation.

A video available through YouTube recently captured UCLA campus police hitting an Iranian-American college student over and over again with a taser while a computer lab full of students just stood by and watched in impotent, angry horror.

And so here we are—us. A handful who would rather die than compromise in principle while the rest of us are participating in the orgy of corruption, grooming themselves for an invitation to participate or too frightened to do anything about it.

This column was inspired by the mid-term elections and how hope seems to spring temporary—over and over again—when either Democrats or Republicans retake Congress after losing it for awhile. The Democrats are not going to save us because they are us and until we learn to honor each other by not abusing each other we will continue to be our own worst enemies. Meanwhile, disingenuous, murderous creeps like Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld/ Kerry, Pelosi and Schumer, get to have their ways with us. I think it is so fascinating that, after all this time and years of intensely trying to understand contemporary events as they incarnate today from an unbroken chain of events going back thousands of years, that weak, greedy, fearful, cowardly people are the little engines of slavery and evil opportunists are merely harvesting our unelightened energies. (DWH)In America, with the exception of occasional death sentences, those found guilty of "crimes" are sentenced to serve "time." No one is sentenced to serve time and body parts.

Sentenced to serve time and body parts?

"Mr. Doe, you have been found guilty of the crime of breathing. You are to be placed into the custody of the ____ Department of Corrections for a period of ___ years, during which time you will be fed processed, chemical-laden food completely devoid of nutritional value; you will be forced to drink contaminated water. Soon you will become malnourished to the point you begin to suffer chronic medical symptoms and become vulnerable to acute infections from which you will never recover due to an intentional process of medical neglect that will result in amputations and poorly-conducted surgeries; your teeth will rot, your hair will fall out and you will eventually be a shadow of the man you used to be. Should you survive your sentence, these injuries will permanently hinder your ability to make it in the outside world."

Since the courts of this just land do not publicly condemn people to pay their "debts to society" in lost health and body parts; since the courts only sentence convicts to serve "time," then the departments of correction have no lawful or even legal authority to deny prisoners nutritional food and clean water. Further, with a little creativity, it is far less expensive to feed people nutritious raw fruits, vegetables and whole grains than to poison them with packaged, processed food. It takes more time to prepare raw and whole foods, but "time" is the one thing that is not in short supply in prison since that is precisely what everyone behind bars was ordered to serve. Healthy people, in or out of prison, are more even-tempered and they do not get sick so easily and their bodies are not as likely to fall prey to chronic illnesses that require amputations and invasive surgeries.

There are many astute legal minds in and out of prison. I have just floated this idea because acute and chronic illness and medical neglect in prison has become the status quo. Besides not being pronounced at sentencing, treatment such as malnourishing, dehydrating and medically neglecting the sick and injured is cruel—and criminally usual. I am not so naive as to believe that the courts are going to see the point and rule accordingly—but bringing actions forward on this valid legal point could be an excellent way to raise public awareness of an issue people generally prefer to ignore. (DWH)

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