From the October 2006 Idaho Observer:

Who Will Pay?

The article below, an extremely concise, lawfully astute and legally pregnant elucidation of Olson’s arguments, was sent to U.S. District Court, District of Columbia Judge James Robertson who is currently presiding over OLSON v. UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (1:06-cv-565). Judge Robertson has made a couple of rulings indicating that he is not dismissing Olson’s arguments as "frivolous" and is proceeding with interested caution, fully aware of the implications of Olson’s case. On IO letterhead, I mailed a letter to Judge Robertson dated 10/2/06 requesting that he give the matter respectful consideration.

It is our position that, if it has no lawful basis, the federal drug war, which is not being "fought" to "win," must come to an end. The best way to achieve this end is for everyone with a stake in the drug war (all of us) to demand that the government define "any person" as it pertains to federal enforcement of federal drug laws. (DWH)

by Duane Olson

I. From the very beginning, it has been, understood by all, that the Three Branches of the Central Government of this Republic "We" like to call America, have NO "inherent" or "intrinsic" Power for the governing of domestic affairs of "any person"…Citizen or Foreign National...within the boundaries of the United States, it’s Territories and/or Possessions.

II. Congress has the Specific Enumerated Power (Const. Art. I., Sec. 8., cl. 3) "To regulate Commerce with foreign Nations and among the several States," by Authorizing the Attorney General "[ t]o promulgate rules and regulations….relating to….the registration and control of regulated persons and of regulated transactions" in the Commercial traffic of drugs or other substances.

III. Congress has the Specific Enumerated Power (Const. Art. I., Sec. 8., cl. 18) "[ t]o make all Laws which shall be necessary and proper" for "Federal control of the intrastate incidents of traffic" in drugs or other substances for the "[e]ffective control of interstate incidents" relating to the "regulation of Commerce" in such traffic by "[r]egulated persons and of regulated transactions."

IV. Congress has the Specific Enumerated Power (Const. Art. I., Sec. 8., c1. 18) to enact a criminal statute (Title 21 U.S.C. § 841) that defines, classifies, and sets forth punishment for "Persons registered by the Attorney General" who would "knowingly or intentionally" violate the" Authorized activities" of their registration and Signed Contract for federal regulation and, federal jurisdiction of regulated persons and of regulated transactions in drugs or other substances.

V. Congress has NO Specific Power or legislative- jurisdiction to enact Major Ambiguous Legislation to make it unlawful and set forth punishment for "any person," Citizen or Foreign National, within the boundaries of the United States, it’s Territories and Possessions, who would "knowingly or intentionally" possess, manufacture, distribute, or dispense. . . a "controlled substance" (whatever THAT is) …and…Congress didn’t…the Attorrney(s) General and the Supreme(s) did!

VI. The Executive and Judicial Branches of the Government of the United States have...for 36-years...ARBITRARILY...Conducted America’s "WAR on DRUGS" to "take-away" the Life, Liberty and Property…of "any person," Citizen or Foreign National, within the boundaries of the United States, it’s Territories and/or Possessions… under color of the Doctrine of Implication…a "[ f]elony cognizable by a court of the United States"…and…the Mother of ALL FRUU DS!


With hundreds of thousands of men and women, from nearly every nation on this planet, burdened forever with the brand of "EX-CON"; thousands upon thousands more are still languishing in federal prisons all across this great nation, billions of dollars in cash and real property, seized, confiscated, stolen, and "dead bodies" on both sides, billions more of tax-dollars…wasted…all of it…under color of law that is no law at all!

WHO WILL PAY?WHO WILL PAY?It has been an honor to be copied with the voluminous source documents and the filings and correspondence that Federal Drug War Prisoner Duane Olson has generated as he attempts, with one arm and one leg tied behind his back, to prove a shocking point: That the Crime Control Act of 1984 used to justify the federal "war on drugs" is a cryptogram that is unenforceable as "law"; the enforcement thereof, therefore, is a fraud; the $billions in real and personal property seized in the drug war, a racketeering scam and; each life imprisoned and ruined in the name of the non-law, a capital crime.

Olson has spent years studying every scrap of paper associated with the passage of the Crime Control Act. It is my belief that he is THE authority on the subject and that he is 100 percent correct in his interpretation of the data: The entirety of the federal government’s justification for its "war on drugs" and, therefore, our challenge to its legitimacy as "law," can be reduced to being provided a clear, unambiguous definition of the phrase "any person."

Consider sending the article above to senators, reps, AGs, DAs and judges, private attorneys and anyone else you can think of.

The article can be mailed to Judge Robertson:

c/o U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia

333 Constitution Ave. NW,

Washington, D.C. 20001.

I would also like to take Olson’s closing question one step beyond "WHO WILL PAY?" by asking "WHO WILL MAKE THEM PAY?" The argument is squarely before the court. As indicated in the letter by William Embrey (page 20 of the hardcopy edition of The IO), the "system" will spare no expense in its attempt to keep the immensely profitable drug war racket going. It is going to take a comprehensive effort on our part to overcome what Olson appropriately refers to as "the Mother of ALL FRAUDS!"

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