From the October 2006 Idaho Observer:

Become an activistic American: You can make the difference

WANTED: Help fund the siting of this billboard in Idaho or help fund the effort to have one like it sited in a visible location near you. Call 1-888-249-1421.

• Michigan is mandating that all girls be vaccinated for cervical cancer. (Cervical cancer is not a communicable disease and is not a public health risk).

• There is a nationwide-effort to deny all exemptions to justify force-vaccinating then entire American herd. (Every vaccine comes with a package insert that lists potential adverse reactions and contraindicated people who should not be exposed to the vaccine).

• Kids are being denied enrollment in school and adults are being denied employment for refusing the TB tine test. (The TB tine test contains carbolic acid, has a list of adverse reactions, is known to produce false-positives upon first administration and produces increasing likelihood for false positives each time it is administered).

• Happily breastfeeding mothers are having their infants taken away for refusing the PKU test. (PKU is a rare blood compatibility disorder evidenced when the infant cannot tolerate his mother’s breastmilk; the disorder is not a factor if the baby is not rejecting his mother’s milk).

• Congress has appropriated $billions for vaccine research, development and production (And laws have been passed to mandate their mass and mandated delivery into the bodies of people, at gunpoint if necessary, even though they are "experimental" having never been tested for safety or efficacy).

Q: Do you own your body?

A: The state does not think so.

Q: Are you and your children herd animals?

A: Most people think they are not, but the state justifies its desire to mass vaccinate on the premise that vaccines enhance "herd immunity" (moo).

With backing from the federal government, the states are becoming irresponsibly militant with forcing vaccines (not one of which has ever been proven to prevent the spread of infectious disease; all of which have been proven to be unsafe) on their human herds.

By the way, vaccines do not safely prevent the spread of communicable disease among herd animals, either.

The Idaho chapter of Vaccination Liberation is raising money to place the billboard atop this page in a highly visible location in southern Idaho where vaccine policies being enforced by the state and its organs in the public health and private practice are most militant. The cost to create the art and rent the billboard for three months will be about $2,000. Between funds already raised and pledged, VacLib is almost halfway there. The goal is to have enough money to have the billboard up by January, 2007, at the latest.

Part of the donations collected at Dr. Len Horowitz’ Nov. 3, 2006, presentation at the Panida Theater in Sandpoint will be gifted to VacLib for this specific purpose (see public notice page 3).

With the help of some generous donations and ongoing support, the Florida chapter of VacLib was able to get a Florida-specific version of this billboard up in a high-traffic location (near a McDonald’s) in Ocala last fall and has kept it up for over a year now. The billboard has stimulated a lot of controversy and has prompted a significant increase in visits to the website at

Aside from keeping the billboard up in Florida and establishing one in Idaho, VacLib, with chapters in 19 states, envisions variations of the billboard theme pictured to be established in high-visibility, high-traffic locations all over the country.

These are perilous times. If ever there was a need for people to not act like herd animals, it is now. We all have an interest in educating our fellow citizens on this subject: It is to our advantage that they be informed on the subject of vaccinations and develop the will to resist them instead of ignorantly standing in line with their sleeves rolled up awaiting the opportunity to receive a "free" injection of unsafe, experimental, disease-spreading substances.

A word to the wise: For mass-vaccination-at-gunpoint to be successful requires the coordinated cooperation of vaccine producers, shippers, administrators, public health deliverers, local authorities, local police and the local press—in addition to the uninformed docility of entire communities. It is nice to know where we should be concentrating our informational efforts.

Note: VacLib feels that the time is now ripe for "vactivists" to initiate a national movement to repeal compulsory vaccination laws (see page 10).

This billboard in Gainesvill, Florida, and a similar billboard in Ocala produced many positive and sustained public outreach results while being up for several months in 2005 and 2006. ~Courtesy of Wendy Callahan

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