From the August 2006 Idaho Observer:

The United States of America: A nation Upside-down

With the Department of Homeland Security and the Transportation Safety Administrationís order prohibiting passengers from boarding airplanes with liquids or gels in their carry-ons, we can confirm that the Constitutional Republic of the United States of America is upside down. Preventing people from carrying their own water, in the interest of national security, because British intelligence claims to have foiled a liquid terrorism plot while thousands of undocumented illegals stream over our nations southern border each day exemplifies our current American state of affairs: There is no meter to measure the heights of absurdity to which we have ascended. We are now in a position where we must take an objective inventory of every aspect of our lives, our culture and our prospects for the immediate future. In doing so we will find that the principles upon which our country was allegedly founded have been flipped upside-down; our prospects are nil and the future is filled with dire portents.

But the good news is that we have nearly hit bottom as a nation and the only way out is up. Though Americans are encouraged to remain divided along generally emotional, usually idiotic and frequently ill-informed lines, there are several points upon which we can agree.

1. The public debt is escalating

2. Purchasing power is diminishing

3. Faith in government is waning

4. Concern for the future is waxing

5. 9/11 requires further investigation

6. Liquid terrorism is nonsense

7. Conventional war is hell

8. Nuclear war is worse

9. We would like our children to grow up in a safe and decent world.

We should concentrate on our similarities right now because our upside-down country is on the verge of sinking.

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