From the August 2006 Idaho Observer:

FOWL play?

MIDDLEBURGH HEIGHTS, OH—The offices of Dr. Sherri Tenpenny and OsteoMed II caught on fire in the early morning hours of July 30, 2006. No one was injured. The cause of the blaze is still under investigation though faulty electrical wiring or a short in an office machine are the prime "suspects" at this time

Dr. Tenpenny is the author of "FOWL! Bird Flu—It’s Not What You Think," and has been lecturing extensively as a researcher/physician who has determined that vaccines are neither safe nor effective in preventing the spread of infectious diseases.

Considering the high-profile nature of Dr. Tenpenny’s politically-dissident views on health and disease, the possibility that arson is the cause of the fire has not yet been completely ruled out.

Dr. Tenpenny, it turns out, was woefully underinsured. Losses in equipment are staggering. Though OsteoMed II was able to begin seeing patients again almost immediately, the courageous doctor is having a very difficult time.

The primary focus of Dr. Tenpenny’s practice is to reverse vaccine damage in children and treat allergies and environmental sensitivities that are generally traceable to immune system insults that began with vaccination. Her work, both directly and indirectly, has helped incalculable numbers of people all over the world.

At this time, Dr. Tenpenny can use our help. A kind word, a request to purchase copies of FOWL! (See ad page 17) or donation of $5 or $10 will mean a lot to this fearless physician.

Send letters, donations and your thanks to:

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny

7271 Engle Rd. #115

Middleburg Heights, OH 44130

(440) 239-3438

You can also help by purchasing Dr. Tenpenny’s excellent books and tapes online at

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