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WTC bone fragments by Reneí


The Louisville, Kentucky Courier-Journal carries a column called WIRE DISPATCHES from various cities. On June 16, 2006, under "New York City" on page A3 the following appeared:

"Search for remains from 9/11 to resume

Federal regulators have cleared the way for crews to resume searching for human remains on the roof of a skyscraper being torn down near the World Trade Center site, officials said yesterday. The Environmental Protection Agency suspended the search in April after saying workers were not properly protecting themselves from asbestos on the roof of the former Deutsche Bank building. But the EPA this week told the Lower Manhattan Development Corp., the organization dismantling the 41-story tower, that its new plans for cleaning the roof of debris and remains were acceptable. More than 600 human bone fragments have been found in the building, most on the roof, since workers began dismantling it last fall"

Please remember that the Twin Towers and a 47-story, conventionally-erected steel building were all destroyed by "raging" fires caused by the fuel bloom when the plane hit the South Tower. The fuel bloom itself burned for only four seconds and that was mostly outside the building. No matter the temperature of those flames, you canít heat steel in that period of time.

These three buildings were unique in that never before had any steel frame building been destroyed by fire or "imploded" by fire. The only imploded steel buildings ever seen were those that were blasted with high explosives.

Explain the bone fragments

I start my argument with the premise that there are no bone crushing scavengers living on the roofs of skyscrapers. Therefore these bone fragments either fell form the sky or they were ejected from one or both of the Towers. These fragments could not have been crushed in the collapse because they would have remained locked between the floors.

This leaves us with only two possibilities: The first is that the fuel bloom tore people apart, sucked them from the building, carried them up and dropped them on the roof. Fuel blooms are not explosive; they are low pressure pushes.

This possibility is negated by the fact that bones were found on other floors of that bank. All that is left is that they were torn apart by the compressed air wave caused when floor met floor. While this might possibly blow people out into the street, it could never tear a body apart. Even a fall of 1,000 feet canít do that.

The only force that can create bone fragments must have come from people being in close proximity to the blasts of very high order explosivesóthe kind of explosives that cut the heavy steel necessary to implode a building. There simply is no other logical conclusion!


In order to "implode" a very tall building (drop it in its own footprint), it is vital to divide the building into thirds and to place the charges on the bottom floor of each third. Then starting with the top third, each of these bottom floors must be blasted in sequential order about a second apart.

However, before you have a successful implosion, every column on each floor must be cut at the same time. Any column not cut would act as a giant hinge and force the tower to topple away from that column. For the towers to collapse as they did, the extremely heavy core columns would have to be cut simultaneously just before the exterior walls of each floor being blasted.

This is exactly what happened to the top third of the South Tower. I have photos showing the start of the topple and another showing that whole top third section flat on the ground.

Consider the South Tower which was the first to fall: The square and surrounding streets were packed with people helping others or just gawking and then, the whole top third with a side area of over two football fields falls on them. Remember, people had over an hour to gather. Whatís your guess on the number of people crushed in the street? Five thousand, 10,000, more? And I havenít even mentioned that the exterior columns of each of the two floors were blown away from the building. I have photos showing this. But FEMA claimed only a few street deaths. [Janette MacKinlay saw lots of people on the street before the South Tower fell. She believes the death toll from the collapses are significantly greater than what has been reported].

Since most of the WTC was tenanted, placing the charges on the exterior wall was limited to the two service floors on the 77th and 33rd floor. Every one who worked on the tenanted floors would have noticed explosives packed on every exterior (window wall) column. This problem didnít exist for the 77th, 33rd and the basement. The first two were the service floors and all were mostly locked out to tenants

The core column blasts would have slapped all the people towards the windows and a split second later each exterior column (centered every 41 inches) would then have ripped these bodies into fragments and ejected them from the Towers. Since there is no way for these blasts to have thrown the victims high into the sky, then all of the bones on the roof of the Deutsche Bank had to come from the 77th floor. And, all the rest below the 33rd floor from the lower third blast.

Iíll also bet that those body parts that peppered the bank was on the side nearest the Twin Towers with each of the three floors below the roof having less parts than the floor above. I will also bet the same thing happened to the 32nd floor and the three floors below that. A detailed list of exactly where these fragments were found should have been made. However, even if it was made, this list will never be released because it would prove my contentions. Since the WTC never called for evacuation, neither did the other buildings.

How many would have migrated to the side nearest the Towers? Lets try at least 50%. If only half were watching each tower, we are talking about 8,000 people pressed up against the glass when it blew in. Each person would have received dozens of wounds, many of them deadly. How many lived? My bet is almost none!

My photos show that heavy debris also rained down on the former East Side Highway. FEMA claims no deaths in any other building and less than 12 street deaths. Still believe the FEMA figure of 3,000 dead?

Reneí is the author of WTC Lies and Fairy Tales and NASA Mooned America. Visit his website at

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