From the August 2006 Idaho Observer:

Ground Zero survivor tells story in words, photos and art

COEUR D’ALENE—Artist Janette MacKinlay was trying to stay calm as the Twin Towers—directly across the street from her fourth floor apartment—were burning. Then the South Tower collapsed and exploded into her home. Her life has been changed forever.

MacKinlay told her story at the Silverlake Motel here August 7, 2006, to about 100 people. The event was sponsored by the 9/11 Visibility Project, Idaho, which did not charge people for attending.

Until that day, MacKinlay was fundamentally apolitical, was completely absorbed in her own life as an art dealer, gallery curator and artist. She had no understanding of or opinion about foreign policy. So when she heard that the 9/11 attacks were "blowback," she thought, "Blowback from what?"

At first she was certain that Osama did it because that is what the government told her. Then things she knew to be true were being omitted from the official story as it began to unfold. When, finally, the 9/11 Commission was formed and scheduled a public discussion in 2004, she paid $75 for a good seat. "I wanted to hear what they had to say, certain that my questions would be answered."

MacKinlay explained that it was the 9/11 Commission that led her to the 9/11 truth movement. She described how the commission was proud to say that they chose not to investigate what happened, but rather explore how to prevent such attacks from happening in the future. When the floor opened up for questions, most of them were met with the same answer. "They couldn’t tell us anything because of ‘national security’" MacKinlay said.

The event was even announced in advance by the Coeur d’Alene Press which sent a reporter and a photographer to cover the presentation. The followup story was not earthshaking or groundbreaking, but it was an improvement over the coverage we usually get—which is none.

MacKinlay has compiled a beautiful little book on her experiences, some of the photos she took and her 9/11-inspired artwork. It sells for $15 and can be found at her website at

Idaho 9/11 Visibility is planning to sponsor another 9/11 truth event in north Idaho sometime in fall, 2006.

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