From the August 2006 Idaho Observer:

The most powerful force in the universe

"Have you seen ‘The Secret?’"

That question is currently quite the rage among people in our circles. "Yes," I would reply. Then I would say, "And it is the inspiration for this month’s column."

The Secret is a rather long and repetitive film expounding upon quantum physics’"Law of Attraction." I think The Secret’s producers spent way too much time in "prosperity consciousness"—that is, appealing to people’s senses of greed and selfishness by explaining over and over again how, if you really obsess about it long enough, you will win that lottery and drive your Lamborghini into that six-car garage attached to the 30,000 square-foot home in paradise. But the core principle is absolutely in line with a belief I have held (and vocalized) for a long time: Intent is the most powerful force in the universe.

We are co-creators with God. God gives us life, a soul a brain and the freedom to choose how we use them. With this power, we create our lives—our realities. When I am truly (and sometimes painfully) honest with myself, I can see how I have played the starring role in everything—the very good and the very bad—that has happened to me during my life. I can also see how, had I thought or acted differently, the results of my thoughts and actions would have taken my life in completely different directions.

This is The Law: Everything we understand the world to be and everything the world becomes to us is what we attract to ourselves as we live out our lives here on Earth. The core of that construct is our true intent—a secret to which only we and our Creator are privy.

But what about innocent people in prison? What about the innocent victims of violent crime? What about innocent children caught in the crosshairs of war? What about...?

I do not have all the answers, particularly where children are concerned, but I do believe that our souls are eternal. What is truly in our minds is between us and God. Where we are in our spiritual journeys, God only knows. Within my framework of understanding, the universe is perfect, I have created my own reality and I am responsible for everything about me—including everything that happens to me.

If there is one "law" upon which I could hang my eternal hat, it would be the Law of Attraction. I believe it is the foundational, universal law unto which all other laws—both temporal and spiritual—are born. As stated in The Secret (which, as I suspected, is being revealed as a highly successful multi-level marketing ploy), knowledge and mastery of the forces that prevail when the Law of Attraction is fully understood equals power—the power to have more influence in the creation of our own realities and the power to affect the realities of others.

But with power comes responsibility. The cliche, "Be careful what you ask for," comes into play. What if you hit an old lady crossing the street while you hurry home in your Lamborghini because the neighbor called you at your high-paying job to say she is suing you because her son almost drowned in the deep end of your swimming pool?

So, what are you co-creating for yourself? Is life rising to meet your expectations or is it slapping you in the face? Are you getting what you deserve or what you want?

Be assured there are no judgments here. Keeping myself co-creating a reality within which I can function is difficult enough. The purpose of this column is to state that I am completely in awe of our power to co-create and implore everyone with the ability to hear me to assume total responsibility for themselves and use the power God gave them to reassemble their thoughts to create the reality most suitable for their growth—as earthbound humans and eternal souls.

In the back of my mind at all times (in front of my mind while writing this column), are my friends behind bars. Guys, I know I am behind in my correspondence. For that I apologize, but do not think for moment that I have forgotten you. The truth is actually contrary. I implore you to hear this column and apply it to your circumstances. See page 20. I intend to help initiate some dramatic changes in the prison system. Your help, your intentions, are required. They can imprison your bodies but you still own the most powerful force in the universe. (DWH)

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