From the August 2006 Idaho Observer:

The State We’re In

by Hari Heath

I can’t imagine a more tumultuous time of human existence. At times, it seems the world really is flat and we are about to fall off the edge. While crisis and calamity are nothing new, our technologically-enhanced abilities have placed us on the brink. Yet simultaneously, much of humanity is apparently oblivious to our common plight and living in a state of semi-blissful ignore-ance. And, while the world is ostensibly falling apart before our very eyes, the potential for a peaceful, prosperous planet is quietly emerging: New technologies with great promise; the rediscovery of ancient knowledge, lost arts and suppressed technology (with many people diligently working to make the difference across a wide spectrum of disciplines) and; hopefully, a growing segment of humanity that is refusing to relive the dark past of history.

What will prevail? Few are bothered by the question. Busy with our personal challenges, engagements and entertainment, we haven’t the time to think in this modern world. For most, where we are and what is really going on, is merely a matter of perception. If people were actually thinking and understanding what’s really happening, the immensity of it all would probably cause the collective conscious mind to have a nervous breakdown.

But, if we were to consider the state we’re in, what would we find?

First the bad news

Oil, the commodity on which our current empire economy is based, is running out. Or so they say. Scarcity results in higher prices that affect nearly everything that is grown, produced, bought, sold and transported. Our demand, now that we are addicted to black gold, is increasing faster than our population—which has doubled in two generations.

The empire of oil began with the profiteering from the so-called Civil War mixed with the discovery and application of petroleum to the industrial revolution. The monopoly of power, born in this era of oil, has amalgamated war-mongering, manufactured economics, political corruption, managed media and all the arts and sciences that it can acquire for its benefit—never mind the costs to others.

Every war since the Civil War can be intrinsically linked to the empire of oil. Our present and continuing debacles of military mayhem can be equally ascribed to either maintaining access to more oil or preventing access to too much oil. The benefits of either scenario accrue to those who get the oil, supply the weapons of mass destruction and mass distraction, as the public mind is formed to allow their crimes against humanity. The military-industrial-media-complex prevails—for now.

There is a worse scenario: Emerging science suggests that crude oil is not a "fossil" fuel but an ongoing geologic process—a renewable resource. We may have an abundance of the stuff and therefore can continue our present trend of risky petroleum extraction and transport. Once delivered, we will be allowed to perpetuate our passion for spewing forth semi-burnt hydrocarbons until global saturation becomes obvious even to the blind.

And, as a result of our consumptive habits, we will continue to support an oiligarchy that is hell-bent on maintaining its power at any cost through faked terrorist acts intended to provoke a perpetual state of war at great profit to their empire.

Imaginary money: The foundation of that empire is an imagined economy of unimaginable debt. The wealth of the oiligarchy, for the most part, doesn’t exist and never did. It is created, whenever necessary, with the stroke of a pen, or in these days with the stroke of a keyboard.

It is, however, power. Because we believe in it, it is given power. With the unlawful Congressional give away of our national economy to the oiligarchy’s central bank scheme, we began our "voluntary" slavery and indenture to the fascistic system of the venture capitalists.

With the power to issue currency, in any amount, comes the power to control all commerce and collect the hidden tax called inflation. This power of imagined economy and debt-based enslavement now encircles our globe.

Economists tend to view inflation as a single, measurable increase in value. But inflation is a loss, and not one that proceeds in a linear, single rate. In reality we are taxed by leapfrog inflation. Gas goes up. Food hops after it. Real estate prices jump and taxes follow. Some commodities remain stable or even decrease, while others rocket out of sight. There is no realistic rate of inflation. The real measure of inflation depends on what is being measured. Your personal rate of inflation depends on what you purchase.

The power to create an unlimited economy is also the power to purchase the political machinery of government. Such a venal, corrupted system is well evidenced in all four branches of our government.

Politics and government: We pretend to have elections. We write Congress as if its members would actually read anything from us. They banter about legislation as if it might actually be for the benefit of the American people. They feign partisan politics, but I have best heard it described as the two-faced, one-party system, or the "Money Party."

Our Constitution is all but gone, and the real governing force—the matrix of administrative agencies are now a web, cluster joined into a totalitarian police state. Unelected, unaccountable, self-promulgating their edicts and enforcing them at will, their employee entrance is a revolving door, open to the world of corporate interests.

The president and his entourage are failing miserably in their plan of global domination. Their foreign policies are absurd and becoming more obviously so every day they remain in effect. Three recent bumper stickers aptly explain the failed policies, incompetence and evil in the current administration:

"We are creating terrorists faster than we can kill them."

"You know you’re in trouble when your bombs are smarter than your president."

"Frodo failed. Bush has the ring."

From the depths of Mordor, we are being governed by the shadows of government, operating on black budgets, afforded by an unfettered power to create imaginary money.

Perpetual war: Tons of depleted uranium from U.S. munitions now contaminate Iraqi and Afghanistani soil, left to blow in the wind for billions of years.

The only ones not considering an exit strategy for Iraq are Bush administration officials.

The nearly quarter million, mostly civilian dead, from our pre-emptive oil wars against terrorism, are becoming back page news as the Israelis take the front.

Armageddon, figuratively or actually, has begun, as 60 years of the imposition of European Zionism on the people of Palestine is failing.

Will 2,000 UN Peacekeepers save the world from the UN’s mistake of creating Israel in the first place?

Israeli accusations that Iran is supplying the Hezbolla with advanced weaponry are shadowed only by the advanced weaponry supplied to Israel by the U.S.

The wars at home: At home, the Pharmaceutical cartel, number one in campaign contributions and advertising budgets, is granted limited liability for its products. Barely tested in the lab, the real test is when they are unleashed in the marketplace, on schoolchildren, the elderly and the institutionalized.

With open borders allowing cheap goods and labor in, and "free trade" letting our technology, manufacturing and quality jobs out, America is being deconstructed.

The Germans bought Chrysler; Ford and Chevy are in the throes of bankruptcy.

As culturally sacred as the automobiles that use them, we are selling roads and bridges to foreign interests at great profit to them.

We are renaming toxic industrial wastes to qualify them as fertilizers and for dilution in drinking water; we are spraying everything that grows or crawls with pesticides and sewage sludge called "biosolids." We have been toxifying our food and water supplies, while depleting soil quality with intensive industrial agriculture practices.

As below, so above: "Military chaff" is now the official story for over a decade of chemtrails toxifying our skies.

Black-ops energy weapons and advanced surveillance systems seek to ensure the success of the Orwellian police state.

On the verge of chaos and global destruction, we are also on the verge of pacific beneficence. The forces of destruction and annihilation are in direct opposition to an expansive new creation; an eternal dance between darkness and light.

Now, the good news:

The oiligarchy has been threatened for nearly a century by innovators. From hemp oil to super-carburetors, they have worked hard at suppressing any liberating technology.

Henry Ford, who detested the petroleum magnates, ran the fleet of autos and trucks at his estate on hemp oil. Mr. Pogue, with his Pogue carburetor, drove a car half way across Canada, from Winnipeg to Vancouver, on 14 gallons of gas in the 1920s. More recent innovators have achieved 100 to 200 MPG in full size American autos. Some were killed. Others had their inventions stolen, bought out or suppressed.

In 1931, Nicola Tesla operated a Pierce Arrow converted to an electrical engine on his "aether" energy. The car was driven for over a week with no external fuel source or power batteries. Tesla calculated the aether, or free energy, which surrounds us to be a force available at 1040 power of gravity. Many other innovators claim to have utilized "free energy" in their "over unity devices," but none have yet to provide a public demonstration or commercial production of such devices.

The oiligarchy’s "men in black" tend to keep such things unavailable. Eventually, such innovation will emerge from enough quarters that the suppressive forces will no longer be able to keep up, rendering the entire realm of energy production and consumption beyond the control of the petroleum cartel.

Even more vulnerable than their oil is the imaginary economy. Be it a collapse from its own fraudulent construction, lack of confidence by the users of their "dollars," or that history hath shown all fiat currencies have a certain and eventual demise, the petro-dollar is on the wane. Alternatives like the Liberty Dollar are a proven success. Perhaps inconsequential by comparative scale, the model is none-the-less there to be followed.

Lies, lies, lies, the current administration is sinking in the polls and with it the confidence in the general government. Even mainstream media has reported that one in three (39%) Americans believe the events of 9/11 were either an inside job perpetrated by our government or were knowingly allowed to happen. One in five (19%) of those polled believe the Twin Towers were brought down by explosives. The expose’ of 9/11 as an inside job perpetrated to destroy our liberties and wreak offensive military murder in foreign countries under false pretenses will be the undoing of the parties involved. What form of revolution will turn things around remains to be seen, but the current direction of things is becoming less acceptable everyday.

Closing thoughts

From that vacuum, as the old corrupted powers and their monopolistic empire depart hastily, if they are allowed to survive at all, the people may find their voice. And if, by chance, we learn from our mistakes and lay our future government on such a foundation as is most likely to effectuate our happiness, for ourselves, and our posterity, all the suppressed alternatives, lost arts, and new technologies may emerge. We may finally outlive the cycles of our dark history and move into a bright future.

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