From the August 2006 Idaho Observer:

With friends like these...

The American people have been maneuvered, through a comprehensive array of overt and covert means, into being isolated alongside the two most, shall we say, unpopular nations in the world: Great Britain and Israel. If current hostilities in the Middle East expand into global conflict, that means it will be the U.S., Great Britain and Israel against the world. For nearly 500 years the British empire ruled its New World conquests with ruthless disregard for indigenous peoples who were used as slaves for the exploitation of resources or murdered without criminal liability because they were subhuman by elitist British standards. And now Israel, to allegedly defend herself, is admittedly and openly targeting civilian noncombatants in a nation with which it is not officially at war. Birds of a feather? It should also be noted that Great Britain is the only foreign nation to successfully (and without apology) attack our nationís capitol (1812) and Israel is the only nation to successfully (and without apology) attack a U.S. Navy vessel in international waters during peacetime. It seems the friends that have been chosen for us do not play well with others.

The USS Liberty receiving assistance from the 6th Fleet after Israeli warplanes and torpedo boats had completed a 75-minute assault on the plainly marked and "friendly" vessel. The June 8, 1967 attack killed 34 American sailors and injured 175. Israel still claims the attack was a case of mistaken identity and the survivors, global intelligence officers and high-ranking U.S. public officials who say otherwise are lying. Go to and see the evidence so you can join ranks with those whom the Israeli government condemns as liars.

Reply from U.S. Rep. Butch Otter (R-ID) re U.S. support of Israelís war on Lebanese civilians

July 26, 2006

Ms. Ingri Cassel

PO Box 457

Spirit Lake, ID 83869-0457

Dear Ingri,

Thank you for contacting me about the current violence in Israel and Lebanon. I appreciate hearing from you and having the opportunity to respond.

I agree with you that the current situation is deeply troubling. The hope for permanent peace in the region embodied in the Oslo accords has been replaced by a seemingly endless series of missile launches, suicide bombings, and street fighting. With the uncertainties involved in our own ongoing war against terrorism, the potential for an even wider conflict in the Middle East seems very real.

Like you, I wish for an end to the violence. I believe that an Israeli state can co-exist peacefully with its Lebanese neighbor. However, without the honest and sincere efforts of both parties to lay down their arms and come to the table, peace is unattainable. I support a realistic approach to this issue that continues to plague the region, resulting in countless deaths and the disruption of lives. It is necessary that real progress be made to ensure the success of such a plan. It is also important for the United States to stand by our friends, and we have no better friend in this region than Israel. Wherever I have the opportunity I will work to see that the conflict in the Middle East is resolved as swiftly and peacefully as possible without harming our friends and allies in the region, including Israel. [emphasis added]

Again, thank you for contacting me.

As always,

"Idaho - Esto Perpetua"

C.L."Butch" Otter

Member of Congress


The engine driving the train to Armageddon

It has been widely reported by mainstream news outlets and openly admitted by American "Evangelical Christians" that they are in wholehearted support of Israel as it wages war against its Arab neighbors. ABC News Nightline recently reported that, of the nationís Christian population, 25 percent are evangelicals and follow the preaching of guys like Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson, and John Hegee.

Though Israel relies on this group of Christians for political and financial support, evangelicals do not espouse the "Israel-has-the-right-to-defend-herself" mantra echoed by American newspaper editors. They are not concerned whether or not the state of Israel survives (in fact, they are certain it will not). They are not even concerned that this war is killing innocent children and displacing almost a million Lebanese noncombatants.

The evangelical movement in the U.S. believes that Israel has fired the opening salvos that will lead to the Battle of Armageddon and the Second Coming of Christ.

All that remains of our nationís first capitol building are the pillars. The British burned it down in 1814 during the War of 1812. Now its a monument. It is curious that the War of 1812 is barely covered in U.S. history classes and is generally overlooked among those of us seeking to correct the record of historical events with a subjective review of available evidence.

In essence, British control of the high seas during its ongoing war with France (1793-1815) prevented U.S. ships, allegedly neutral to the conflict, from trading with France without first asking permission from and paying duties to Great Britain. Tensions escalated until President James Madison declared war against Great Britain on June 18, 1812. The British, who still controlled Canada, began supplying arms and encouragement to Shawnee Chief Tecumseh to harass American settlers in the northwest and slow the expansion. At that time, the British Navy controlled the Great Lakes and occupied the northern reaches of the Mississippi River.

Many skirmishes were had with no real decisive victories to be claimed by either side. Finally, the Treaty of Ghent was signed by the warring Americans and British on December 24, 1814. The treaty merely restored the fledgling nation to its prewar status and prevented a separatist movement from culminating in the New England states seceding from the union.

"Though the U.S. gained none of its avowed aims, popular mythology soon converted defeat into the illusion of victory," states the text from an entry in the Encyclopedia Britannica.

A more lucid analysis of the results of the War of 1812 would be that Great Britain allowed the U.S. government to assume territorial jurisdiction of American soil at the end of the Revolutionary War, then cemented economic control of the nation in 1814. The U.S. has been politically allied with Great Britain ever since and partnered with her former nemesis to create and protect the state of Israel.

War crimes

We received the following (unedited) email from our contacts in Switzerland who correspond with friends in Gaza:


i am dr___ in gaza

thanks a lot for your interest

really it is a crime which we face in gaza

we receive martyrs cut into hundreds of pieces which are burned severly and melted completely to the extent that no one can recognise who was that injuries reach us with severe burn when we try to put of the fire it comes again with the smell of phosphorus

the burn damages all tissues down to the bones

the limb which is touched by the shrapnells is cut immediately or by our decision due to its bad result on the victim life after few days

externally we found hundreds of shrapnells penetrating the body and does not appear by x-ray

it causes severe burn to internal organs and cooking of the liver

some other injurier have no external inlet to shrapnells but with surgical signs

so we explore the abdomen and we find fragmented liver and viscera and spleen

we amputated more than 70 limb

we have 200 killed in same way

we have 1200 injuries most of them hadicaped or disfigured

we kept some tissues from the injuries and samples of shrapnells

we canít examine as the israelians destructed our only lab

The doctor then requested of our European friends to find out what the weapon being used is so he can better treat these strange injuries.

Most people are unaware that, before launching their attack on Lebanon, the Israelis bombed a Palestinian power generation plant in Gaza on June 26, 2006. The plant supplied 60 percent of the regionís power and most of the electricity used to pump water for drinking and irrigation. Already occupied and fenced off, the Israelis have effectively turned Gaza into a concentration camp. It would appear that, under the cover of murdering hundreds and displacing hundreds of thousands of Lebanese non-combatants, the Israeli Defense Forces are conducting a genocidal campaign against Palestinians.

The same types of crimes, we are told, were committed against Jews in WWII and led to the creation of Israel. Why did the UN pity the Jews enough to tolerate the artificial creation of their own country; why does the UN look the other way while the Israelis round up and murder Palestinians?

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