From the July 2006 Idaho Observer:

The forced poisoning of Abraham Cherrix, the tyranny of modern medicine and state-sponsored assaults on health freedom

by Mike Adams

Across the nation, an increasing number of families are having their lives destroyed by the greed and arrogance of conventional medicine and its toxic cancer treatments. Parents are arrested at gunpoint, jailed, prosecuted and separated from their children by Child Protective Services, all due to the demands of arrogant doctors who insist on treating cancer with conventional chemotherapy thatís so toxic it almost kills the patient before killing the cancer cells.

Conventional medicine is so desperate to push its high-profit services onto patients that it now resorts to kidnapping children and incarcerating parents in order to enforce its "authority" over all health care decisions. But some parents are wising up and theyíre fleeing conventional cancer treatment centers to seek safer, more natural alternative treatments elsewhere. Thatís where this story begins.

Another case of "Gunpoint Medicine" fiasco emerged in mid-July, 2006, as Abraham Cherrix, a 16-year-old Hodgkinís disease sufferer, decided he didnít want a second round of chemotherapy. The first round nearly killed him, leaving him so frail and weak that he couldnít walk. With the support of his parents, Abraham began to educate himself about alternative cancer treatments, telling his oncologist he did not wish to experience any more chemotherapy.

As he explains, "This is my body that Iím supposed to take care of. I should have the right to tell someone what I want to do with this body. I studied. I did research. I came to this conclusion that the chemotherapy was not the route I wanted to take."

Arrogant doctors insist on poisoning children

But freedom of choice is not allowed by the quack doctors of conventional medicine. As always happens in these cases, the doctor was apparently so enraged by the idea that any patient would not want to submit to his authority that he called the county social services which promptly had the parents arrested and acquired joint custody over the teen. Social services Gestapo members are now in court arguing that the state should force the teen to undergo yet more chemotherapy, as demanded by his doctor.

A judge will now decide Abrahamís fate. If the judge orders him back to chemotherapy, Abraham and his family will then become fugitives merely for making their own informed decisions about which type of cancer treatment they wish to pursue. Armed agents will hunt down the family, and Abraham will be effectively forced to undergo chemotherapy at gunpoint. Hence the term, "Gunpoint Medicine."

Conventional medicineís

body count

The state, it seems, will use the threat of deadly force to market conventional medicineís chemotherapy treatments. It is difficult to imagine a more authoritarian and tyrannical system of medicine than what we have today in the United States. Just as the Bush administration unlawfully detains and tortures prisoners in Guantanamo (which the U.S. Supreme Court has recently ruled as blatantly illegal), the U.S. medical system will also use men with firearms to detain and torture patients with treatments that may kill them. As Abraham explains, "Another round [of chemotherapy] would kill me, literally. No joke about it. The first round of chemo almost killed me in itself. There were some nights I didnít know if I would make it."

Conventional medicine is the fourth leading cause of death in the United States. Doctors and their drugs kill more Americans each year than died in the entire Vietnam War. FDA-approved pharmaceuticals kill more Americans each month than were killed by terrorists in the 9/11 attacks. Read "Death By Medicine" to get the statistics.

And yet, despite their remarkable safety lapses, ignorant doctors continue to insist that alternatives are so dangerous that parents who seek them should be charged with negligence!

Cancer industry lies and Hoxseyís natural cancer treatments

The treatment being sought out by Abraham is the Hoxsey treatment. Widely ridiculed by the American Cancer Society (which has strong ties to chemotherapy drug companies) and the FDA (which routinely promotes Big Pharma and discredits alternatives), the history of Harry Hoxsey and his cancer therapies is a fascinating tour of the oppression, censorship and outright intimidation of conventional medicine when it comes to controlling the medical marketplace.

Hoxseyís anti-cancer salves, based entirely on botanicals that we now know contain powerful anti-cancer compounds, actually work very well on cancer, as health authorities grudgingly admitted in court proceedings against Hoxsey decades ago. But that didnít stop them from attacking Hoxsey as a quack, discrediting his work, having him arrested and raiding his cancer treatment clinics on multiple occasions. This is why Hoxsey eventually moved his clinic to Mexicoóa country where health freedoms are still respected, unlike in the United States. Read more about Harry Hoxsey and the history of medical oppression in our article, "What the American Medical Association hopes you never learn about its true history" at

The FDAís war on health

The U.S. is the single most oppressive health regime in the world, where prescription drugs are sold at the highest prices in the world under a monopoly-controlled drug racket enforced by the FDA. Highly corrupt regulators and non-profit disease organizations routinely attack alternative treatments, even as most of their own members are on the take from pharmaceutical companies. The degree of corruption and fraud in U.S. medicine is unprecedented among industrialized nations.

The FDA, for its part, routinely engages in tactics of oppression and tyranny. It once ordered the destruction of recipe books about stevia, a natural herbal sweetener. The FDA has also organized and conducted armed, SWAT-style raids against health clinics, vitamin shops and even a pet food store. Once, the FDA raided a church and confiscated literally tons of church literature that helped people with mental health issues. Senior citizens returning from Canada were also detained and searched for legal drugs that they purchased at discounts across the Canadian border. Again and again, the FDA and the quack promoters of conventional medicine resort to the use of firearms (or the threat of using them) to enforce our modern system of monopoly medicine.

It is exactly as if conventional medicine had declared war on the American people.

Some of the more recent examples of Gunpoint Medicine in the U.S. include: Seattle mother arrested for "kidnapping" her own baby to seek alternative treatmentsóWhen a Seattle mom rescued her baby from surgeons who were about to perform a highly invasive kidney procedure on the infant, she was hunted down, arrested at gunpoint, thrown in jail and had her baby stolen from her by Child Protective Services.

State-sponsored medical terrorism: Texas authorities arrest parents, kidnap their teenage daughter and force her through chemotherapy against her willóWhen parents of 13-year-old Katie Wernecke decided to refuse radiation treatment on their daughter, they were charged with neglect and had all their children kidnapped by Child Protective Services. A judge ordered the girl to undergo toxic conventional treatments before "releasing her" to her own parents.

As more parents are becoming educated about the dangers of chemotherapy and radiation (treatments that do absolutely nothing to address the underlying causes of cancer, by the way), they are increasingly seeking safer, more natural treatments across the United States and other countries. Cures for cancer do exist, and in fact they are quite numerous and well documented outside the corrupt, tyrannical system of American medicine. But in America, health authorities refuse to acknowledge their existence, and they continue to incarcerate anyone who dares to refuse Big Pharmaís toxic chemicals.

Remember: The cancer industry is a billion-dollar commercial enterprise. Cancer is so profitable to drug companies, clinics, oncologists and hospitals that acknowledging a cure for cancer would be devastating to the U.S. economy. With 20 cents of every dollar spent by our government now going to cover health care costs, our nation has, indeed, become economically invested in the continuation of disease. Cancer is too profitable to prevent or cure, which is why the quack promoters of the cancer industry donít teach prevention or cures! They refuse to even acknowledge the ability of simple nutrients like vitamin D to slash rates of some cancers by an astounding 50 percent!

Parents: How to protect yourself from conventional medicineís tyranny

It is now clear that the only way for parents to exercise their health freedom and choose the treatments they believe are best suited for their children is to avoid taking your children to conventional medical doctors and seek naturopathic physicians instead.

Why? Because just one doctor, enraged at the parentsí critical thinking about the failures of conventional medicine, can call Child Protective Services and have any parent charged with neglect so that their children are stolen from them by the state. It only takes one phone call from an arrogant doctor and your entire family can be labeled fugitives.

The solution, then, is to avoid conventional doctors in the first place and seek primary care from naturopathic physicians who understand both conventional and alternative treatments. Itís not only good for your health freedom, itís good for your health, as naturopaths actually understand nutrition and the role of the patient in the healing process (conventional MDs receive little or no formal education in nutrition at all). Plus, no naturopath would ever invoke neglect laws to have your children stolen from you by the state.

When will the tyranny end?

In the case of Abraham Cherrix, a judge now has the opportunity to establish a health freedom precedent and rule that parents should be able to seek alternative treatments for their children. A decision is expected within days.

Should the judge order Abraham back to the toxic chemotherapy treatments, it will just be business as usual in the United States of America, where no freedom ever gets in the way of commercial interests. The U.S. is increasingly positioned as the most intolerant nation in the world. We donít tolerate other forms of government, other religions, or even other systems of medicine. And if you donít wave the American flag, support the invasion of other nations and take your daily medications in this country, youíre either labeled a traitor or a fugitive; and if you have children, they will be stolen from you by the state.

State-sponsored medical terrorism is alive and well in America today, a place that was once called, "The land of the free" but is now ruled by corporations in the key areas of pharmaceuticals, chemicals and weapons.

It all makes me wonder: With all the talk about "freedom" today, didnít anybody stop to think about the freedoms we desperately need right here at home? The true enemies of freedom, it seems, have medical degrees. They donít wield weapons of mass destruction delivered by rockets, they wield chemical weapons delivered by injection. The day we stand up and declare our freedom from the scourge of conventional medicine and all its oppressive, authoritarian tactics will be a day of genuine freedom for Americans. Until then, we can fight all the wars in the world and yet still be enslaved by a system of medicine at home that absolutely refuses to acknowledge the existence of anything beyond what it controls and profits from.

Want to make a difference? Visit the Life Extension Foundationís Legislative Action Center to find out how you can support health freedom and help stop tyranny in medicine.

Originally published July 12, 2006 at

Abrahamís website, which is still a bit sparse, is found at

Note: The judge has ordered Abraham to undergo additional chemotherapy. A "trial" has been scheduled for mid-August. The outrage is building in this case. Be sure to visit the website indicated above to keep abreast of this story as it unfolds.

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