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9/11 Truth: The Key to Stopping WWIII

Webster G. Tarpley at Sandpoint’s Panida Theater June 17, 2006. ~Photo Jay Mock

The following resolution, drafted by Webster G. Tarpley, had been electronically-submitted to and agreed upon by several 9/11 Visibility Project groups prior to the Chicago conference. When it was submitted to the Chicago conference attendees, it was overwhelmingly approved by a show of hands. We reprint the resolution for your consideration because, combined with the findings of the LA Citizens’ Grand Jury, we have all of the foundational principles necessary for good people to proceed in good faith while working toward the day when those whose murderous rampage began on 9/11 and is ongoing can be indicted, arrested, and brought to public trial before a jury.. Submitted to a candid world

by Webster G. Tarpley

Under the Cheney doctrine and the Pentagon’s Global Strike, U.S. forces are now on the verge of a surprise attack, quite possibly in nuclear form, against Iran. As Philip Giraldi wrote last July, the Cheney doctrine prescribes that this attack will come in the wake of a new 9/11 or new Gulf of Tonkin incident. With the U.S. and UK stalled at the UN by Russian and Chinese rejection of their plans for aggression, all indications are that such a new 9/11 is being actively prepared by rogue networks within the U.S. intelligence community of CIA, NSA, DIA, NSC, Pentagon, and State Department, plus allied and privatized capabilities. The neocons, many of whom face early criminal indictment, are opting for a flight forward into war.

With the visits during late May of Israel’s Ehud Olmert and Britain’s Tony Blair to Washington, the aggressor coalition seems to be ready. Cheney’s controllers now require only a pretext, a provocation to justify their attack. Will they attack under the cover of the soccer World Cup, to be held in Germany during June? An attack in Europe would help recruit coalition partners. Will they sink a U.S. warship in the Gulf? In this case, a third country could do the job, with the blame going to Iran.

As in the case of 9/11, they will manufacture the provocation they need for the next phase of the war of civilizations. Arabs and Moslems will be involved as patsies—under the label of Hezbollah, Iran, etc. An attack on Iran will kill Chinese in the oil fields and Russians in the nuclear reactor sites. It will begin the inexorable slide into World War III.

Neocon fascist madmen Lieber and Press, writing in the March-April issue of Foreign Affairs, promise that a thermonuclear first strike against Russia and/or China is eminently feasible. The same neocon networks which promised the Iraqi cakewalk are now promising a nuclear cakewalk. This time the result could be the incineration of the U.S. and large parts of the world. The neocons must be driven from public life, even as the September criminals are brought to justice.

The attack on Iran has little to do with unproven allegations that Teheran might acquire a nuclear device. Israel alone has nearly 500 nuclear weapons of all types, plus an ABM system. The insanity of the Anglo-American elites reflects the death agony of the U.S. dollar. As Iran, Russia, Venezuela and even Norway prepare to buy and sell oil in rubles, euros, and through barter deals, hundreds of billions of dollars of central bank reserves are poised to quit the greenback. The result would be a dollar panic, with dollar owners stampeding towards the exits. The U.S. currency might lose between 25% and 75% of its value. With emerging market currencies and stock markets crashing, the tropism of the U.S.-UK elites is toward war in a bid to retain world domination.

Bush retains the support of some 35% of the U.S. population. With this 35% he can resist impeachment and wage war indefinitely. These are persons who have accepted the government’s nightmare vision of 9/11. They are terrorized, literally scared out of their wits. They are relatively impervious to the many valid arguments which can be made against the Iraq war, against Abu Ghraib, Guantanamo, torture, secret prisons, illegal renditions, NSA wiretaps, and totalitarian police state policies. These they regard as necessities of a war forced upon the U.S. by a foreign aggressor.

The only hope of reaching these people, and thus of attrition and erosion of Bush’s base, is to demolish and discredit the 9/11 myth itself.

The attacks came from the U.S. secret government, not from Bin Laden’s cave. The Charlie Sheen episode shows that the 9/11 issue offers by far the greatest bang for the buck—it is the ultimate weapon against Bush. Only a sustained series of explosive revelations and exposures of 9/11 truth can cripple the Bush regime, roll up the rogue networks, and block the new 9/11 and October surprise scenarios. It is here that the treachery of the gatekeepers emerges.

Left liberal figures like Noam Chomsky, Amy Goodman, Michael Moore, The Nation magazine, and most of Air America have stubbornly parroted the Bush-FBI lies about 9/11. There are right gatekeepers too, like and many of its writers. The gatekeepers must catch up with the truth or enter the dust bin of history.

But what about 9/11 truth? Within the 9/11 truth movement, some still debate unanswered questions, or the incompetence and negligence theory. Others continue to embrace LIHOP, the notion that the Bush regime "Let It Happen On Purpose." In our view, these approaches are gravely deficient because they all accept the key point of the government’s demagogy: They assume that some such independent entity as "al Qaeda" really exists, and really has the capability of producing the results seen on 9/11. This is precisely the Big Lie we must reject. "Al Qaeda" could not subsist without the support of CIA (and of Britain’s MI-6, as David Shayler’s reports show). "Al Qaeda" is a wholly owned subsidiary of U.S.-UK intelligence. The true face of "al Qaeda" was that of the psychotic patsy Moussaoui, who was deemed a delusional paranoid schizophrenic by psychiatric experts, or of Richard Reid, the mentally retarded derelict produced by the MI-6 school for patsies at Finsbury mosque in London. Moussaoui claimed they were going to attack the White House with a 747. In reality, this pathetic pair could hardly have hijacked a pushcart.

There is no substitute for MIHOP (the idea that US government forces "Made It Happen On Purpose"). As David Ray Griffin recently observed, "It is already possible to know, beyond a reasonable doubt, one very important thing: The destruction of the World Trade Center was an inside job, orchestrated by terrorists within our own government."

Morgan Reynolds and other members of the Scholars for 9/11 Truth also argue this point. Our European colleagues have been MIHOP from the outset. The 9/11 truth movement should now unite on the basis of MIHOP, and put aside uncertainty.

Anything short of full political MIHOP leaves us with a powerful enemy and the need to wage the fraudulent war on terror in some better form. Anything short of MIHOP is ultimately compatible with support for Democrats who want to continue the Afghan/Iraq/Iran war if they seize control of the Congress this November, or with the presidential candidacy of Hillary Clinton, who is running as a bigger and better warmonger than Bush, while promising to extort European troops and European funding which Bush cannot provide.

By failing to filibuster Hayden for the CIA, the Democratic Party has again proclaimed itself feckless. The Republican Party may break up over the immigration issue. The Democrats may break up if they attempt to prolong the wars. 9/11 truth can be a catalyst for a progressive outcome of the looming crisis of the political system.

If the new 9/11 comes, it will likely be under the guise of a government drill or exercise. As Operation Mongoose was used to bootleg the JFK assassination, and as Nine Lives was used to conduit the Hinckley hit on Reagan in 1981, we have seen how the 9/11 events were run through the fifteen plus drills going on that morning. We have seen the London explosions of July 7, 2005, carried out under the aegis of Atlantic Blue (UK), Topoff 3 (U.S.), and Triple Play (Canada), plus Visor Consultants. Our movement was able to block Sudden Response 05 in Charleston, South Carolina, last August. It shall be the policy of our movement to monitor, identify, expose, denounce, and shut down WMD drills and exercises which threaten to go live in the form of real attacks anywhere in the world. It is our urgent duty to inoculate populations against this notorious trick of the rogue networks.

The 9/11 truth movement may currently include as many as 5,000 activists. To pull the world back from the brink of general war, it is imperative that this be expanded a thousand fold, to 5 million. Five million activists influencing a periphery of 20 to 25 million activists—leftists, progressives, conservatives, communitarians, independents—could shift the political constellation, starting with the left wing of the Democratic Party. As for conservative 9/11 truth activists, they are the adversaries Bush-Cheney fear most.

The Pentagon’s 9/11 tape release has proven a fiasco. The Moussaoui jury refused to execute. Recent calls for 9/11 truth by the late William Sloan Coffin, Rabbi Michael Lerner, and above all the new Zogby poll showing that 42% of Americans reject the 9/11 Commission Report, with 47% wanting a Congressional probe or an independent international truth commission, show that the massive expansion of our movement is within reach.

Accordingly, we commit ourselves to the following actions over the remaining months of 2006:

• The Vermont Green Party is the first state party to call for the impeachment of Bush-Cheney based on their 9/11 crimes, with the first article against Bush for misprision of high treason. This approach should be replicated everywhere. Our movement is the cutting edge of impeachment, and we must guarantee that the impeachment groundswell includes the 9/11 element, without which it will falter.

• We will take back the air waves from the corporate media with a relentless barrage of phone calls to C-SPAN, Air America, and to every television and radio talk show in this country and beyond, all for the purpose of placing 9/11 truth at the top of the national agenda. This guerrilla war can bring our message to tens of millions of people every day, circumventing the gatekeepers.

• We will support candidates of any party or of no party who embrace 9/11 truth. We will focus national attention on key candidacies like those of Carol Brouillet for Congress in California, Bob Bowman for Congress in Florida, Craig Hill in Vermont, and others. We also wish to direct international attention to the candidacy of Irish 9/11 truth movement leader Morgan Stack to the Dail (Parliament of the Republic of Ireland) for the district of Cork South Central.

• We will continue our surveillance of drills and exercises to raise the political price the invisible government must pay if it seeks to carry out new crimes.

• While stressing that the MIHOP historical and political analysis of 9/11 is already conclusive, we urge that 9/11 deep throats and whistleblowers come forward, both to testify and to produce additional written or recorded evidence of courtroom quality on the scale of the Watergate tapes that can put the September criminals behind bars.

• In the event that Bush-Cheney seek to impose martial law, we will agitate for an open-ended general strike of the civil rights movement, the labor movement, immigrant groups, minorities, students, and all persons of good will to demand the restoration of Constitutional rule.

We call for a united front of groups and organizations for action on these points.










¨ 9/11 TRUTH LA




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