From the June 2006 Idaho Observer:

The Revolutionary Coalition

by Rick Stanley

What would a NEW SUPER THIRD PARTY do that DEFENDED the Constitution?

I have been asked that question in the past and I think now is a good time to answer. Quite simply, if the NEW SUPER THIRD PARTY came to power in the legislative and executive branches, almost EVERYTHING that has been done in the past would be DISMANTLED.

The tentacles of government that intrude in our lives and destroy our liberty would be cut off. Hundreds of thousands of laws would be overturned. Thousands of judges would be dismissed and newly appointed judges would be put in their place who would defend the Constitution with their honor and integrity at stake.

Term limits of one term should be mandated for judges, legislators, and executives, all elected officials.

It is the ONLY thing that can end corruption.

Of course, then the powers that be will find a "farm system" of candidates to control, unless the NEW SUPER THIRD PARTY will emerge successfully.

America would be returned in every detail back to constitutional rule of law if the NEW SUPER THIRD PARTY would take our government back. We have been overthrown from within.  It is time to return to constitutional rule of law, TO THE LETTER, as written, not interpreted.

The Federal Reserve Corporation would be bought back by the government, or disbanded as a fraud. Money would be silver and gold again, and the U.S. Treasury would make it.

The IRS Income Tax would be abandoned (ended) because the fraud of the federal debt would be renounced and done away with. We would withdraw from the United Nations and every other world organization.  All alliances and treaties would be withdrawn and ended. America would be sovereign again. The globalistsí plans for America to become part of the One World Government would end.

NAFTA & GATT would be thrown out and all trade agreements withdrawn/ended.

Once again there would be manufacturing jobs IN America for AMERICAN WORKERS.   Americaís economy would be stronger and Americans would have more money to spend on themselves and their families.  Perhaps families could stay together with less financial strain caused by over taxation and government interference in every aspect of the American life.

Trade would be based upon the interests of the American people and no other criteria, in other words, free trade with countries who reciprocate, but duties would remain an important part of the federal governmentís ability to raise money for services.

All taxes would become based upon the Constitution at the federal level and would be excise, imposts and duties which have supported the financial interests of the federal government since 1776 in the first place. Those are taxes such as gasoline tax, alcohol tax, tobacco tax, firearms tax, and duties (taxes) on incoming products to America. Property taxes would be ended.

All UNCONSTITUTIONAL TAXES at any level of government would be outlawed, PERIOD.

Schools would be privatized. Our children would cease to be dumbed down by a system that intentionally has done this for perverse reasons.

The federal government would shrink drastically. No more FBI, CIA, Homeland Security, Department of Agriculture, etc, or any other Departments that interfere with Americans doing business with each other will be needed.

There are only a few constitutional federal government functions.

Problems between Americans would be resolved in the proper venue, the courts, not at government agencies.

The standing army would be eliminated.   Only a small training apparatus would be maintained and an emergency preparedness group to activate the peopleís militia similar to Switzerland could be invoked, with everyone in America participating, if they are physically able. A 290 million American militia ready to defend our country from attack.  Now that is DEFENSE.  The government would still maintain the Coast Guard and the navy would become part of that group. The Air Force and Marines would be reduced to defending America at home. The missile based defense, NORAD, etc., would remain essentially the same.

NO more troops in other countries. The Iraq and Afghanistan Wars would end NOW. No more attacking other countries and being the worldís policeman for the elite. The states would be returned to their pre-eminent governing body status and handle most government functions as counties and cities would be required to dismantle all ordinances that violate constitutional rights.

Laws that are a violation of the Constitution like drug laws, etc., would be overturned. Prohibition would end for the second time. State sponsored terrorism and the stealing of property would end including eminent domain for anything other than roads.

Our prisons and jails would be reserved for violent offenders and those who rob, steal, kill, and violate laws that harm another. Courts would stop plea bargains. The courts would stop being used for revenue and would dispense real justice again... Juries would judge the law and the crime, judges would not be in the BAR Association. Judges would be required to make sure that the constitutional rights of defendants were not violated. Juries would convict or release defendants.

Anyone could represent you in court, not just a lawyer. Over half the prison population would be released. The jails would be for people who violated REAL LAWS, not crimes of personal responsibility issues. The militarization of police forces would be stopped. Police would not be allowed to kill for invalid reasons anymore. The use of throw down guns would be outlawed and vigorously upheld by the courts. Citizen panels with teeth would monitor police activities. No police or government officials would be represented, just the people on these panels with teeth to enforce their decisions about whether to retain police who should not be in a position to be a thug with the power of the people. Recent Supreme Court decisions violating ANY right would be thrown out. Surveillance by government would end.

The attacks upon the 2nd Amendment would be stopped and the Constitution would be amended to correct any deficiencies in regard to whether or not Americans have personal, individual rights to keep and bear arms. They do and that is that. There would be no licenses to be free, to carry a gun concealed or otherwise, to drive a car (freedom of travel), or own a car, except for commercial purposes, to be in the business of whatever you wish to do, etc.

Freedom of religion would be restored; the practice of freedom from religion would end.

The killing of fetuses would not be a federal issue anymore. Roe v. Wade would be overturned and the abortion issue would be a matter of state concern and would be dealt with legislatively, state by state, based upon the peopleís will through representation, not judges. Most restrictions on political parties would end, ending the two party stranglehold on politics, giving them favored status. Government participation in money for campaigns would end, in all ways. Permits for the people to gather would end.

Restriction on freedom of speech such as "free speech zones" would end.

The Bill of Rights would become LAW at all levels of government. Any politician even suggesting laws that violate the Constitution would be immediately relieved and a new election for his or her seat would be commenced immediately.

I believe a new court regarding the Rights of Americans be established similar to what I suggested in my US Senate campaign in 2002. This would be a court that had power to "throw out laws that are unconstitutional and that is it", no other powers.

This idea is discussed at the NEW Ideas Section of my Constitutional Activism website at: and mirrored at:  since the website gets taken down about once a year by the "Powers That Be."

Our borders would be manned and absolutely defended. Reinstating previously established "legal immigration" quotas would be restored and the law upheld by a government that follows the law instead of breaking and making law outside of the Constitution. Remedy for exceptions would be cast in stone.

A regulated guest worker program would be set in place for certain industries and certain situations to be addressed, industry by industry by need, not to cheat Americans out of jobs and give jobs to foreign workers at a lower wage scale. Illegal aliens would be rounded up and deported. Returning illegal aliens would be jailed for one year and deported again. Third time, jailed for 5 years and deported again. You get the idea. This type of program would end illegal immigration quickly, IF ENFORCED.

Employers that "knowingly" hired and kept illegal aliens as employees would be fined severely IN THE FEDERAL COURTS for violating immigration law. Illegal immigration would not be "used" to set up a "national ID". The federal government would protect and defend our borders as they are mandated to do by the Constitution and the laws that support the Constitution. Federal troops would not be on the border unless a national emergency was warranted to repel an invasion. The border can be secured with a sufficient amount of funds to be given to the border patrol to secure our borders with an iron fist. Law enforcement at every level would support this type of plan and round up illegals.

The federal government would sell all property to Americans with the exception of National Parks previously established. Fees for national parks would end. Fees for state parks would end. Fees for Americans to be free with liberty, would end.

Americans would insist on just laws that dealt with loss of life and property. In other words, there must be someone who is damaged. No one hurt, no property damage, no crime. Thought crime would end. "What if crime" would end.

What about that national healthcare issue that continues to come up?  The "government" could arrange for a purchasing agent panel to take bids from all insurance companies that wish to bid on a National Health Plan Insurance Policy that was the same for everyone that met the "basic" needs of Americans health care and once awarded each year to the successful insurance carrier, the American citizen could decide for themselves if they wish to participate. Everybody wins. Anyone wanting a better insurance plan could seek it from another carrier at their own negotiated price. If you donít participate, your health care concerns and the liability thereof is your own, regardless of the outcome. You want liberty? You take responsibility for the available choices you make. The governmentís involvement is as a middleman and very minimal at that. This three man panel would be overseen by Congress. Very inexpensive and the benefits to Americans would be enormous.

Social Security? After the federal government sells all the land and buildings they own, less the National Parks and Washington DC, Americans would be paid back every red cent ever taken from them in the Social Security scam less anything that has been paid to them in entitlements. From that day forth, every American will provide for themselves and their retirement, as is fitting for a person with freedom and liberty to make their own decisions outside of government force. Every dime an American makes in their check for their wages and earnings is theirs to keep and spend as they see fit. Americans will only "pay" taxes when they "decide" to purchase certain products that the Federal government lawfully, constitutionally is allowed to tax by excise, impost and duty. Free Americans with liberty will take care of their own damn retirement, thank you very much. Anyone failing to do so, must look to their own families or charities for support if they cannot do so. You reap what you sow. This will not sit well with people who want to control your money and/or steal your money as they have done for many years now.  Imagine that...

These things just touch the surface of what America "could" be without government interference in Americaís liberty. We would be a different country, one that Americans only dream about now. America would once again be a free country with liberty, as our founding fathers intended. Imagine that. What a concept!

The people of America MUST want this or it will not happen.

The Revolutionary Coalition agenda of facilitating the Constitution defending consolidated, merged, united NEW SUPER THIRD PARTY "could" be the answer. Revolution is the other.

Do you see any other answers on the horizon? A peaceful political solution can be the answer but must be supported. Revolution is the inevitable future if we do not succeed. It is your choice America. We can keep things as they are and thus tyranny will continue to expand itís hold upon our life and throats. Where we end up is up to you. EACH of you.

This is an ongoing project. I will add and subtract from this as time goes forward, as a blueprint for a potential platform for a NEW SUPER THIRD PARTY that is constitutional. I welcome any suggestions you may have.  I may not include them, but I welcome your potential input. Remember, this is my opinion. If you have a suggestion to add or subtract from "my" opinion, remember that I reserve the right to decide what "my" opinion is. IF my opinion is your opinion, great. If my opinion is not your opinion, great.  Work up your own list and make it happen. 

A lot of people at the Revolutionary Coalition are going to have input on this platform for the NEW SUPER THIRD PARTY and we hope the existing third parties will merge, consolidate and unite soon to form this NEW SUPER THIRD PARTY so we may join it. We wonít give in until this happens. How about them apples, folks. Oh, and by the way, as incentive for the third parties to unite into the NEW SUPER THIRD PARTY, we arenít voting for any of their candidates until they do. A little carrot and stick approach.  My parents taught me that. Incentive to form the NEW SUPER THIRD PARTY. Bad things will continue to happen if you donít. The tyranny continues if you donít. Is there incentive enough to unite?

LIVE FREE or Die! LIBERTY in our Lifetime!

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