From the June 2006 Idaho Observer:

Brace for the Splat

Something’s coming and it ain’t gonna be pretty. Most of us have an inner sense of a pending calamity, be it political, economic, military aggression, social chaos or just Nature cleaning house. Given the interconnectedness of our world, all of the above may be the correct answer.

The writing has been on the wall since before most of us began to read. It could be next week, next month, next year, or we may somehow continue on in this uncertain world for another generation. But the world as we know it, is as precariously positioned for imminent collapse as ever it has been.

As dim as these times may seem, sunset and darkness are only the promise of a new sunrise.

by Hari Heath

Turmoil at the top

The neocons of the U.S. oiligarchy are hell-bent on implementing the next phase of their "Project-for-a-New-American-Century (PNAC) agenda by invading Iran under pretended purposes. They risk a nuclear confrontation in their quest to control more Middle-East sand and what lies beneath it.

By the time you read this, Iran will have become a member of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), a joint venture of the Russians and the Chinese, along with other Central Asian countries. This now five-year-old emerging oiligarchy is providing serious opposition to the U.S. empire’s "full spectrum dominance." The globalist bullies in Washington may have met their match, as these "communist" empires and their smaller neighbors unite to pursue capitalism with a vengeance.

Poke the dragon

Even after more than 50 years of a failed UN police action which still divides Korea, North Korea, reportedly already in possession of nukes, prods the U.S. dragon by planning to test launch an ICBM, potentially capable of reaching American soil. Apparently, the only thing saving North Korea from imminent invasion is lack of oil.

Shedding our skin

Borders are what define a nation. They are the skin of the national organism. NAFTA and GATT have dissolved our nation’s borders, destroyed American enterprise, created an exodus of production infrastructure and flooded the U.S. with cheap foreign imports.

With the same borderless commerce, our excess, subsidized, industrial agriculture has flooded Mexico with cheap corn and other commodities, destroying Mexico’s agrarian economy. The many agrarian workers who failed to find a gainful existence in Mexico’s urban and industrial centers are now flocking here by the millions for any life that is better than what they now have.

Just like a biological organism, when people and products enter and leave through the normal channels, the health and immunity of the national organism is maintained. When the skin is slashed open with thousands or millions of inflicted wounds, infection is due to set in and cause the ultimate demise.

The internal insecurity state

Under the ruse that there were actually foreign terrorists who perpetrated the events of 9/11, the federal focus has been security at any cost. The cost, of course, is our rights, freedoms and yes, our security.

Our commercial and other activities are increasingly being monitored by radio frequency identification devices (RFID). These minuscule, potentially programmable, remotely readable chips can and have been installed in the products we buy and use. The UPC striped bar code will someday be obsolete. We will no longer have to unload the shopping cart to scan our items. The "reader" will tally our purchases in place.

RFID chips will likely find their way into ID and credit cards and "for other purposes."

For personal identification we have the VeriChip and other variants of the under-skin, programmable and remotely readable memory chips available for injection today. First to "benefit" will be child molesters, felons and the homeless. Then our security will only be a swipe of the hand away. Eventually commerce will only be possible for the subdermally chipped.

Coming soon to a driver’s license office near you is the National ID card. This internal passport will include your biometric information and anything else "your" government desires to install on the federally mandated, programmable memory chip. "Your papers, er chip please."

The NSA began operations in the 1960s. By the mid ‘90s, 52,000 workers were going to "work" daily at NSA headquarters. Wiretaps are not a new or occasional event at the National Snooping Agency. They are a way of life for an army of clandestine, unelected, unaccountable "intelligence" operatives.

There is even a plan to send unmanned surveillance blimps 12 miles above the earth where they will be able to see, hear and record everything we do.

The result of fascist collusion of government and commercial interests is a rapidly expanding police state, unhindered by any sense of limitation. At some point, even the gullible flag wavers will no longer be able to maintain the delusion that they live in the land of the free. They might then muster what little bravery remains, get off of the couch, grab their pitchforks and rusty rifles, and storm the federal castle. How much more will it take?

The crack in the egg

The truth behind the events of 9/11 is beginning to hit the mainstream. The massive and growing grass roots effort of the 9/11 truth movement has become not a dismissible theory, but, well, evidence. What will happen, when enough people discover that those in the highest levels of government intentionally killed thousands at home and hundreds of thousands abroad to impose their reign of terror? When a majority learns that everything we have been told is a lie, where will we go from there?

Hugo Chavez, president of Venezuela, now fully cognizant of 9/11 as an inside job, is reportedly planning to bring such crimes against humanity to the World Court. Are we on the verge of something?

The unfleecing

The fact that the IRS is an unconstitutional fraud and the collection agency for the unconstitutional crime of the century, the Federal Reserve, is not news to many of us. Aaron Russo’s new film, America, From Freedom to Fascism, is scheduled for release July 28, 2006, in theaters across America. Russo simply and clearly expresses the fact that there is not and never has been any law which obligates the American worker to pay federal income tax. His well-crafted documentary will lead almost every viewer to the inescapable conclusion that the IRS has intentionally been operating a fraud-and-theft enterprise without so much as a single law authorizing it.

Russo completes his film with an unavoidable view into America’s future if we don’t get off our butts and work to change the outcome. The otherwise indoctrinated and media-medicated Americans may just awaken from their slumber when they discover how much has been stolen from them.

$low $izzle?

The dollar is at its lowest value against other currencies since 1973. The Federal Reserve’s "dollar," which is literally loaned into existence, is devaluing just as fast as more can be loaned into existence.

"Helicopter" Ben Bernanke, chairman of the Federal Reserve, recently announced Basel II, a risk management plan for fractional reserve banking, at Georgetown University. Bernanke said, "If the regulatory capital required of these organizations does not adequately reflect the risks they are actually taking, the safety and soundness of the U.S. banking system may be jeopardized."

To keep the dollar "afloat," massive and often foreign capital investment has been required. With a record-high trade deficit, rising interest rates and inflation, unpayable debts and a foreign policy that is two-clicks west of insane, historical and potential investors in the mythical dollar are fleeing the Federal Reserve’s corral like a herd of wild horses that just kicked the gate open.

China and Japan have curtailed their propping up of the dollar. The Euro is emerging as a preferred currency. Hugo Chavez has withdrawn much of Venezuela’s monies from Federal Reserve Banks and loaned it to several of his South American neighbors so they could get out from under the thumb of the International Monetary Fund usury racketeers and their resources-for-debt scheme. This is becoming a trend, as the U.S., the Federal Reserve and its facade of a "dollar" continue to wane in the eyes of the world.

Black Hole$?

The derivative market, now reportedly $100 trillion-strong, is a world of artificial investments that are derived from the promised wealth of one investment, based upon the promised wealth of another investment, based upon the promised wealth of yet another investment…where nothing real was actually invested. Just how many cards can you stack on top of each other in a virtual world?

Science has always wanted to know what a black hole is. Just keep your telescopes focused as the anti-matter of the derivatives market implodes into an instantaneous vacuum of dark space.

Abandon ship!

Porter Goss abruptly resigned as CIA director. Bush’s Chief of Staff Andrew Card left. Press secretary Scott McClellan and Treasury secretary John Snow departed earlier.

George W. will be without a functioning mouth or morals when Michael J. Gerson steps down in a couple of weeks. Touted as the "author of nearly all of Bush’s most famous public words during the past seven years," and "the conscience of the White House," Gerson is "irreplacable."

Scooter Liddy is under indictment, with Karl Rove a near miss, so far. The real and deserving target is Dick Cheney, but no one dare touch him, since he has demonstrated he can shoot a high-powered lawyer in broad daylight without being charged.

The calls for Donald Rumsfeld’s resignation are a repeated refrain.

Therego the oil

The thought of making amiable arrangements for our future oil supply has escaped the current administration of oiligarchs, who are much more accustomed to a policy of destroy and acquire. The Chinese on the other hand, have been diligently traveling the globe and cutting deals with those who actually own oil, in an effort to secure their energy future. The war-focused Bush clan is apparently incapable of amiable relations, which the whole world has taken notice of—there goes the oil and our energy future.

On the verge of nature

But these are the constructs of Man. Nature is another world. Those fortunate enough to live at a distance from the organized enclaves of the wingless two-leggeds may fail to notice any crisis or conflict.

Some may escape the crisis of Man and Man’s conflict, but can we really exist apart from nature? Avoid breathing for a day. Skip drinking water for a week. Abandon food for a month.

We are inextricably linked to nature. More specifically, we are confined to a globe spinning in space, 24,000 miles in circumference, covered mostly with water, which all of us and the Earth’s other species must live on. Try as we might to pretend otherwise, there is a carrying capacity for our habitat.

In my lifetime the human population of the planet has doubled and our consumptive habits have increased. Nature’s usual answer to such a crisis is mass die-off from starvation or stress-related disease.

The Pharisees ruse

The dominant philosophy/theology of our times is repetition of the Pharisees ruse: As God’s chosen ones, we hold dominion over all the creatures of the earth and every plant. This philosophy of conquest-and-extraction has finally found limits in this industrial age. We have reached the edge of dominion.

If we don’t abandon this philosophy soon, Nature and Nature’s God will show us just how we are not masters over Nature.

We are our own problem

The unfortunate truth is that all too many humans are greedy, arrogant, wasteful and destructive gluttons. Just look objectively at what we have accomplished for ourselves.

The planet’s water is being poisoned at an alarming rate. Our food supply is saturated with toxins and devoid of nutrition, beginning with the industrial depletion/chemical contamination of the soil. With chemtrails above and industrial and automotive pollution below, our atmosphere is in decay. The other species are disappearing as we materially benefit from a policy of natural plunder while our physical bodies suffer the consequences.

Our standard of living includes using one-and-a-half to five ton petro-fueled transportation devices to haul our increasingly overweight buns everywhere we go. Very long term radiation contaminants are used for power generation and war, with no permanent clean-up solutions in sight. And the rest of the world thinks they want what we have.

The divine right of dominion has been pushed to the limits of our planet’s capacity. Until we learn to work within the balance of symbiotic sustainability, and not as conquerors, we will continue to be our own worst enemy. Brace for the splat!

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