From the June 2006 Idaho Observer:

Going mainstream

First of all, I would like to apologize for being late this month. We have been so wrapped up in 9/11 truth that we decided, of necessity, to delay our press date until after our own 9/11 truth event became history. We intend for the July edition to be on time.

All excuses aside, a positive and potentially fruitful direction to channel and network our activistic energies was born, perhaps poetically, last April 1 when Ingri and I attended the Seattle 9/11 Visibility Project at the University of Washington in Seattle. We and some 400 others heard presentations by Barry Zwicker and Webster G. Tarpley just days after CNN polled America to find that 84 percent believed the government’s 9/11 Commission was withholding information about the Sept. 11 attacks.

Soon after our return from that inspiring event, we got together with some friends and formed the Idaho chapter of the 9/11 Visibility Project and Webster Tarpley agreed to be our first keynote speaker. In the meantime, Ingri and I had committed to reserving a table at the first International 9/11 Visibility Project Conference in Chicago (June 2-4). By now we were getting the message: The 9/11 truth movement is growing and the numbers of people recognizing the global imperative of 9/11 truth (and Americans’ responsibility to demand the real terrorists be brought to justice) are expanding exponentially, particularly since Alex Jones’ March 30, 2006 radio interview with actor Charlie Sheen.

With each passing day we uncover more evidence that 9/11 was an inside job; with each passing day more respected personalities publicly announce their commitment to 9/11 truth and; with each passing day more ordinary Americans realize that their nation is being run by a ruthless cabal capable of murdering their own people to justify murdering the innocent civilians of other nations.

As we travel down this road, we can sense the mood of this nation being transformed from euphoric post-WWII nationalism, to apathy and complacency, to statutory servitude, to fearful acceptance of government schemes replacing civil liberty with police-state security, to what we are beginning to feel now: Our nation as a melting pot of simmering outrage that is one mainstream headline away from boiling over.

Though it may be perverse to say, "This is exciting," or "I am happy that this is happening," it is, ultimately, what dissidents like ourselves have been working toward and hoping for: A mass awakening of our countrymen to the treachery that has been afoot in America since long before the birth of our nation. Soon, revisionist history will no longer be the exclusive domain of "conspiracy theorists."

It is apparent that 9/11 truth is a door that has opened for us. No major event or unpopular policy in recent history has provided the opportunity for such a diverse spectrum of groups and individuals to join forces in exposing the little men behind the curtain.

So, I have a proposition for all of us: With renewed vigor and a sense of optimism, we must invest our activistic energy in 9/11 truth knowing that it is THE yellow brick road to exposing those who have so imperiled our nation and our planet. The following activities will help to encourage local support for 9/11 truth.

1. Form a 9/11 Visibility Project chapter for your city or state (Note: If you have established a reputation in your community as a "conspiracy theorist," you should consider working with people who are not so well known in this regard so as to give the project a fresh start and a fair chance to succeed on its own, untainted merit).

2. Sponsor and locally advertise screenings of 9/11 truth documentaries such as the presentation by BYU Physics Professor Steven Jones, Confronting the Evidence by Jimmy Walter, In Plane Site by Dave vonKleist, 9/11 Eyewitness by Rick Siegel, Loose Change by Dylan Avery or Painful Deceptions by Eric Hufschmid. Be willing to lead discussions and encourage members of the audience to sponsor additional screenings of 9/11 truth documentaries for their circles of friends and family.

3. Inquire about the possibility of screening 9/11 truth documentaries at local movie theaters or on your community access cable television station.

4. Write 9/11 truth letters to the local newspaper editor, referring to the FBI’s admission that Osama has not been charged with crimes in connection with 9/11 and that no WMDs were found in Iraq.

5. Consider bringing a 9/11 truth speaker to your community. Many of these people are committed to public speaking engagements and will travel to your area for travel expenses and modest honorariums that are easily covered through ticket sales and donations.


If you are interested in organizing any or all of the activities indicated above but have no experience in doing so, call The IO for some tips. Our 9/11 truth event was largely organized by guys who had no previous experience. It went very well and they enjoyed the process so immensely they are already planning another 9/11 truth event for August 7 (see notice below).

This is the moment we have been waiting for. The mother of all issues has dropped into our laps. I promise you, the people of my country and the people of other countries, that I will do everything in my power to expose the real 9/11 terrorists—including helping you to expose them—so help me God. ~DWH

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