From the June 2006 Idaho Observer:

9/11 truth: A movement wherein good people from all nations have a stake in the outcome

If you want the news, this is it: We are winning. That is not to say that a thousand years of peace is just around the corner or that there will be a smooth transition of power back to a constitutional republic from the totalitarian police state that has come of age since 9/11. But, the real Sept. 11 terrorists are on the verge of being exposed and, in the wake of that exposure, many other horrible historical and contemporary truths will finally arrive at the doorstep of public awareness. It is reasonable to assume that the transition to lawful and benevolent government of, by and for the people will be extremely difficult. We have allowed our governors to usurp so much power that Americans will be just as incapable of managing their own affairs as were the people who had lived under the totalitarian rule of the Soviets for three generations.

People willing to defy the unjust dictates of lawless authority have been sparsely sprinkled throughout the world since time began. Depending on when they appear in history determines whether they will serve as examples to keep the masses in line for fear that they, too, will be crucified, burned at the stake, shot, hung or thrown in dungeons, or are celebrated for being catalysts for positive change.

Many of our contemporaries have been subjected to horrific fates. The luckiest of them have already died for their causes; the rest have been destroyed physically, mentally, politically, economically and/or are being held in captivity as political prisoners. Their only crimes were standing for truths before their countrymen were ready to hear them.

But our time is coming. Those of us who have been standing for worthy causes and have thus far avoided fates of death and imprisonment that have befallen so many of our principled brothers and sisters will be called upon to rebuild our nation and our world once the existing order finally destroys itself. It is we who understand history well enough to influence the modeling of our communities to reflect a more just and enlightened future; it is we who have the internal faith and strength of conviction to teach our people how to walk the earth lightly, respectfully and with dignity and honor.

Out of respect for those who have fallen before us, we must rise to the task before us: Exposing those who are truly guilty of the murders of over 3,000 people on Sept. 11, 2001; bring to justice those who have hoisted that false flag to justify the murder of hundreds of thousands of innocents in illegal wars of aggression in Afghanistan and Iraq; preempt plans to expand the hostilities to other nations and; put an end to the cycle of perpetual war and human misery from which these ungodly monsters have derived such power—and pleasure.

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