From the June 2006 Idaho Observer:

Veteran mainstream media photographer to release after-crash video of Pentagon

Bob Pugh has been a freelance video photographer for the past 20 years, working for clients such as CNN, NBC and CBS.

On September 11, 2001, he was monitoring radio frequencies in Washington D.C. when he was alerted to the Ďcrashí at the Pentagon. He was the first video photographer to arrive at the scene, well before the facade of that building collapsed.

"It was the strangest day I ever spent in my life. It was like in slow motion. I get chills every time I hear the audio or watch the video. Thereís been a lot of curiosity but the more you dwell on it and the evidence comes forward the questions get larger and larger. Iíd like some conclusion. Iím sure the families would. Iím just astounded that they donít share more of the information that is there."

Bob Pugh was tracked down by Louder than Words Productions, the creators of Loose Change and was interviewed for Loose Change Final Cut which is planned for American movie theaters to co-inside with the 5th anniversary this September. The Final Cut contains a 25-minute interview with Pugh.

"There was one hole about 16 feet in diameter.Öall the while Iím looking for wreckage and I donít see anything discernible. I canít find a piece of anything Iíd recognize. I canít see the tail, I canít see the wheels, thereís no chairs, no luggage, thereís no logo. Iím standing on pieces a dinner plate or smaller in size. The largest piece I saw was maybe two by three feet and it was crumpled. I believe that was the piece that everybody sees," Pugh recalled.

Excerpts of Pughís footage can be seen by going to and finding the link.

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