From the May 2006 Idaho Observer:

9/11 Visibility events in Seattle well-attended; information well-received

Start the conversation in most any group of people today and you will find the numbers of those doubting the official explanation for 9/11 are growing. It is safe to say that official story "believers" are now in the minority and "doubters" are the majority. Now all we have to do is make our majority status common knowledge by holding highly public 9/11 truth events all over the country. The success of the Seattle 9/11 Visibility Project encouraged the formation of an Idaho Chapter to bring Webster G. Tarpley to Sandpointís Panida Theater June 17, 2006. The time for 9/11 truth is NOW.

by Ben Collet

Renowned Canadian journalist Barry Zwicker and author/historian Webster G. Tarpley were featured speakers at Seattle 9/11 Visibility Project events in the Emerald City March 31 and April 1, 2006. 

 On Friday evening, March 31, Zwicker showed his film, "The Great Conspiracy," to an overflow crowd at the Keystone Church in Seattle.  The theme of the documentary is that the so-called "war on terror" is actually a war OF terror: A massive deception by our own government, or parts of it, to frighten Americans into trading their freedom for the security of an endless succession of "pre-emptive wars" and empire-building.

 The screening was followed by a Q and A with Zwicker.  It was clear from the discussion that most of the audience found the filmís message, while startling, to be a better explanation of 9/11 than the official story.

 Across town the same evening, Tarpley, author of  "9/11 Synthetic TerroróMade in USA," addressed a packed room at Third Place Books in Bothell. Tarpley explained the history of "false-flag" operations, or staged events that governments have as a pretext for going to war.  Hitlerís Reichstag fire and 9/11 are examples of false flag operations.  In an operation of this sort, Tarpley explained, a patsy must be set up to take the blame while the task is carried out by professional killers controlled by intelligence operatives.  The other necessary components for the success of a false-flag operation are Ďmolesí at various levels in the government who implement the cover-up.

Seattle 9/11 Visibility Project organizers also arranged for Zwicker to be interviewed on local TV, and Tarpley to speak on a local public affairs radio program.

The presentations Friday evening were just a warm-up for the main event held at the Hub Auditorium on the University of Washington Campus on Saturday, April 1. A crowd of 450 were on hand to hear the speakersí PowerPoint presentations lay out the facts that support claims that 9/11 was an inside job.

Among the key pieces of evidence is the way the World Trade Center buildings collapsed, indicating that they were brought down by controlled demolitions using pre-planted explosives. Particularly interesting is WTC Building 7 that was not even hit by a plane and had only small fires in it when it collapsed "in its own footprint."

 Both men also touched on the unprecedented failure of NORAD to respond to the hijackings, the bizarre history of the alleged hijackers, and the unexplained way they were so quickly identified, as well as many other anomalies.

 The post-9/11 behavior of Bush and Cheney was also the topic of withering analysis as both speakers showed how the president and vice president did all they could to avoid and impede legitimate inquiry into the events of 9/11.

By the end of their presentations the attentive audience indicated by a show of hands that about 85 percent of them were convinced that 9/11 was a hoax perpetrated from within our own government.

The Seattle 9/11 Visibility Project organizers and supporters were encouraged by the eventís success and public participation. 

  It is clear, said organizers, that with the many crimes of this administration becoming clearer every day, public interest in learning the truth about 9/11 is increasing. Although the mainstream media continue to avoid any questioning of 9/11 or its use as justification of perpetual war abroad and vanishing civil liberties here at home, there is a groundswell of concern in this country that is leading people in growing numbers to go back and re-examine the events that all started on Sept. 11, 2001.

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