From the May 2006 Idaho Observer:

U.S. should model its immigration law after Mexico

J. Michael Waller made an excellent point in an article published April 29, 2006, in The Providence Journal. "Why don’t we try Mexico’s immigration law?" Waller asked in the article’s headline.

It is ironic that Mexico would be lobbying the U.S. Congress to "soften" its position on the migration of its people into the U.S. while enforcing the toughest (and seemingly most intelligent) immigration policy in North America.

"Mexico, which annually deports more illegal aliens than the United States does, has much to teach us about how to handle immigration; under Mexican law, it is a felony to be an illegal alien," Waller wrote.

According to Waller, "Mexico has a single, streamlined law, seeking to ensure that foreign visitors and immigrants are:

• In the country legally.

• Have the means to sustain themselves economically.

• Not destined to be burdens on society.

• Of economic and social benefit to society.

• Of good character, with no criminal record.

The law also seeks to ensure that:

• Immigration authorities have a record of each foreign visitor.

• Foreign visitors do not violate their visa status.

• Foreign visitors are banned from interfering in the country’s internal politics.

• Foreign visitors who enter under false pretenses are imprisoned or deported.

• Foreign visitors violating terms of entry are imprisoned or deported.

• Anyone who aids in illegal immigration is imprisoned."

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