From the May 2006 Idaho Observer:

Bush doublespeaks solution to illegal immigration

Amnesty isn’t amnesty; walls don’t divide and borders aren’t militarized by soldiers

On March 31, 2006, English-speaking America was taken by surprise when a national display of well-organized and passionately-displayed Hispanic political power hit the streets in support of "amnestia." This pro-Hispanic movement has so much enthusiasm (and media support) it was able to pull millions from jobs and schools and escort them through the streets of America on May Day—one month later—as a sign of their collective determination to force Americans to accept amnesty. The photo above, taken in Los Angeles on May 1, 2006, shows tens of thousands of May Day Rally participants—and this was just one street in one city. When President Bush took over the prime-time airwaves May 13, 2006, he announced a plan that promises to promote friction between English-speaking and Spanish-speaking people. You can bet this revolution WILL BE TELEVISED . ~Photo Indymedia

WASHINGTON, D.C.—President Bush commandeered the national airwaves May 13, 2006, to announce his plans to address the problem of illegal immigration that accelerated dramatically since he announced plans to declare amnesty to undocumented Mexican aliens shortly after becoming president in 2001. The estimated population of undocumented illegals in the U.S. has swelled to 30 million today from 11 million in 2001.

Highlights of the Bush plan to stem the flood of illegals his administration’s policies encouraged are:

1. Build a high-tech fence along the entire 2,000-mile U.S./Mexico border

2. Double the number of U.S. Border Patrol personnel assigned to the southern border and give them better equipment.

3. Station 6,000 national guardsmen along the border.

4. Allow illegals who can prove they have lived otherwise lawfully in the U.S. to pay a fine and then obtain citizenship.

5. Allow "guests" who do not have criminal records to obtain digitized-fingerprint ID cards so they can work in the U.S.

6. Those caught crossing the border illegally will be deported.

President Bush explained that his is not an "amnesty" plan; that sending soldiers to the border to "help" the Border Patrol is not "militarizing" the border with our friend and neighbor nation Mexico—and the wall will not divide us. (See related stories this month)

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