From the May 2006 Idaho Observer:


Bird Flu: It’s Not What You Think


Nearly everyone on earth is aware that global public health authorities are preparing for the day when avian flu virus variant H5N1 jumps species into people and spreads like wildfire around the globe, indiscriminately killing tens of millions of innocent, defenseless people.

But what if it were a bold-faced lie? What if the medical literature and recent history proves that the international bird flu-scare effort is an elaborate hoax? What if birds are being set up as patsies by a conspiracy of powerful government agencies and multinational corporations? What if sick migratory birds and domestic fowl are canaries and the entire planet is a coal mine?

Dr. Tenpenny is a practicing osteopathic physician from Cleveland. She proved her capabilities as a fearless researcher by adventuring into the salt mines of published vaccine literature to prove that vaccines neither safely nor effectively prevent the spread of infectious diseases—and the CDC knows it.

Alarmed by what she felt was a curious overreaction to a few human deaths attributed to a species-jumping avian virus, Dr. Sherri Tenpenny directed her research talents to getting to the bottom of this bird flu hype. She began by asking the following questions: Why are so many birds sick? Who wants all the chickens dead? Why are the human cases clustered primarily in SE Asia and what is the connection to cases elsewhere? Why are vaccine manufacturers being given a blank check to develop a vaccine that will be mandatory? Are global conditions similar to those extant at the time of the 1918 flu pandemic? "From those questions," Dr. Tenpenny assures us, "the story begins to unfold."

Dr. Tenpenny found no scientific evidence to suggest that the H5N1 avian flu would virulently "jump species" and decimate human populations in pandemic proportions.

Dr. Tenpenny did, however, discover a study showing how normally dormant viruses can come alive to fatally overwhelm the immune systems of animals who carry toxic levels of persistent organic pollutants (POPs) such as dioxin and polychlorinated biphenyls in their tissues. She also found that the vaccine and antibiotic-intensive, vertically-integrated corporate farming of genetically-modified poultry is the primary cause of epidemic illnesses among domestic birds.

The research for FOWL! scientifically supports the notion that germs do not cause disease; dis-ease causes germs. In other words, the truth about bird flu reveals that the development of symptoms and their subsequent severity or potential lethality, are dependent upon the relative health of the host—be he bird, beast or human.

Though she cites and references scores of scientific studies and technical articles that prove it’s the chemicals, not the viruses, that we should be concerned about, Dr. Tenpenny is able to convert the complex material into language that we can all understand. The truths she uncovered are much more interesting than the fictions the "experts" are telling us to believe.

Bird flu is not a species-jumping virus threatening all of mankind. The bird flu threat to humanity is a fiction spun by opportunists in government and industry attempting to increase their own wealth and power while continuing their perverse mission of chemically contaminating our planet.

The easiest way to explain the bird flu fiction is to watch bird flu fiction. The ABC TV production, "Fatal Contact," which aired May 9, 2006, portrayed what would happen if...but the entire plot was built around the masses’ fear of the unknown, their faith in government emergency planners and trust in pharmaceutical companies. In the movie (and in real life) there is no science to support the theory that a bird virus will mutate and spread all over the world on cocktail napkins and incidental contact, en route to killing hundreds of millions of people in the span of few months.

We should not be confused. The evidence Dr. Tenpenny unearthed shows that the seeds of bird flu were sown by the U.S. military’s chemical contamination of SE Asia with dioxin-containing Agent Orange during the Vietnam War and is now coming of age in an era of nuclear effluent, chemical farming and the detonation of depleted uranium munitions in a wireless era of perpetual war.

FOWL! is not just another book. Everyone we know who has read it is stunned by what it reveals and impressed with the clear logic and language Dr. Tenpenny uses to deliver what is, perhaps, the most important message of our time: "Coal mine canaries" are dying all around us and we, as communities of people and nations, can either stop our indiscriminate spewing of toxic chemicals or perish of our own folly.

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