From the May 2006 Idaho Observer:

Letters from Cindy

by Don Harkins

I love Cindy Neun. So does Ingri. So does everyone we know who knows her. That does not include agents of the federal government or its soulless minions—the petty little liars and backstabbers among us who can be counted on to trade honor and dignity for a few bloody elitist crumbs.

The problem with Cindy is that she writes with passion and art and humor and love and...honesty...and...hope...and...happiness...and length. She is an artist ( and her letters are evidence that she puts down a brush for canvas to use a pen for paper. Art. Her letters cannot be typeset (that would be a real crime). But they should be read by everyone.

At right is a "cover letter." It gives you an idea of what I am talking about. There are about three letters that Cindy has sent to us here and several others in her circle of friends and family. Because Cindy is art and art does not hide, I think she would be happy to know that her circle just expanded. Here is what I propose:

That, upon request, we will send out a Cindy letter for $5. We will deduct from the $5 only the cost of mailing. The excess funds will be set aside and, when Cindy is finally transferred to "the big house," we will ask her what we should do with the money.

Whatever she decides, I can already tell you, it will be art.

While wrongfully imprisoned (5-year sentence unless we have something to say about it) Cindy has no choice but to be a blessing to those with whom she is caged. If Cindy thinks that the appropriate response to darkness is sunshine, it seems that we should do our part to help her shine a little brighter.




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