From the May 2006 Idaho Observer:

Buy any bridges lately?

If we werenít actually trying to survive these bizarre times, the technicolor/surroundsound absurdities coming to full maturity here in the 00s would appear so hilarious to us we would laugh ourselves to death. But, unfortunately, we do live here and now and our deaths are not likely going to be very funny.

So letís take an objective look at a few of the most obvious examples of the pure lunacy that describe popular public policy today and how government and its mind-controlled masses are able to deny the looming lethality of their beliefs:

1. Mercury is so toxic that some government agencies strictly regulate mercury mining, transport and handling in commerce. However, other government agencies say mercury is safe for filling cavities or injecting into bodies. But when a dentist removes mercury amalgam fillings, the mercury is once again regulated as an extremely toxic substance. The link to mercury and cancer, mercury and autism, mercury and other forms of brain damage is so obvious that legions of lobbyists and government officials are paid well to make sure most people remain sick and confused because thatís where the money is. The American Dental Association still claims that amalgams are safe even though the chronic illnesses of thousands of people begin reversing upon their removal. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) is opposing a bill that would finance a study to determine whether or not its member pediatricians are causing one in 150 of Americaís children to become autistic by ritualistically injecting them with mercury-laden vaccines.

2. Some government agencies make it very expensive to dispose of the highly toxic and corrosive fluoride byproduct of aluminum and phosphate fertilizer manufacturing. But other government agencies allow the American Dental Association to put it in our mouths to prevent cavities. Still more government agencies approve the dilution of fluorides in public water systems as yet another way to prevent tooth decay. Ironically, statistically significant populations of Americans exposed to fluorides their entire lives have full sets of dentures by ages 40, 50 and 60 (and a host of other fluoride-related medical problems).

3. Aspartame maimed and killed almost every lab animal upon which it was clinically tested before Donald Rumsfeld called in his markers to have it approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 1980. Today, the artificial sweetener is found in over 6,000 commonly consumed products. The FDA has a list of 92 adverse reactions (including weight gain, blindness, insanity and death) to aspartame, which is 10 percent methanol (no amount of which is safe in humans). Aspartame also comprises about 80 percent of consumer complaints the FDA receives. Recently published, peer-reviewed studies prove that aspartame consumption is causing millions worldwide to suffer one or more of the cluster of acute and chronic symptoms we refer to as Rumsfeldís disease. A ridiculous new study embraced by aspartame proponents "proves" this poison is safe no matter what real science and real suffering have to say about it (The IO, April, 2006).

4. The Federal Reserve, which isnít even a government agency, continues inflating the money supply, with interest attached to its use, like itís the answer to inflation; the government keeps increasing our national level of indebtedness like there is no piper that will ever asked to be paid. There is no economy in history that has survived the economic conditions such as those we are experiencing today.

5. The government is using the events of 9/11 to justify its open-ended global war on terror when the evidence proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that 9/11 was planned and carried out by elements within the government.

6. Citizens living and working in the land of the free pay out nearly 65 percent of their earnings to the government to avoid prosecution and imprisonment for nonpayment. Government collects our money at gunpoint while simultaneously creating over $8 trillion in debt, most of which can be attributed to waste, corruption and criminal violations of the public trust.

7. Government policies and support of "free trade" has given rise to social conditions in this country that are destined to worsen until hundreds of cities across the country look like Watts in 1965óor France last fall.

8. With zero public input, our leaders are authorizing the activities of madmen who believe they can make Godís world better through the global deployment of toxic substances

9. I have saved the best for last. It wasnít enough that we should choke on our own exhaust to travel; to poison animals and people to kill weeds or make grass green; to replace quality goods with disposable junk to keep our busy world buying and selling. No, we werenít satisfied with destroying our world the old fashioned wayóby polluting it. We had to turn the world into a microwave oven so we can be accessible by phone wherever our important lives take us and so we can access the Internet from our laptops without the inconvenience of cords and cables. Our childlike desire to play with our electronic toys has financed the construction of the radio frequency ID infrastructure. Big Brother can now track and monitor everything by "chipping" people, animals and products in commerce. The polar caps are melting off pretty fast now and microwaves are undoubtedly contributing greatly to the problem. We are now bathing in odorless, tasteless, soundless microwaves that will, I think, inevitably result in millions of people becoming insane and riddled with cancers before dying off in huge numbers.

The foregoing plots would make for entertaining fiction. But itís real. (DWH)

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