From the May 2006 Idaho Observer:

A month of absurdity...

The volume of common-sense defying, fear-enhancing, official

blundering and confusion-fostering events are either increasing dramatically of late or, like natural disasters, are just being better reported.

Flight 93: Hollywood’s attempt to wag the dog apparently backfired as it attempted to salvage the Bush administration’s disintegrating explanation for 9/11. Flight 93 took the few pieces of specious evidence provided by the government to produce a fictionalized reenactment of Flight 93 before it crashed in Pennsylvania. Hoping to capitalize on the hero status posthumously ascribed to Scott Beamer and the guys who gave their lives to protect the White House, it appears that Flight 93 went down in celluloid flames and actually fueled public disbelief regarding the government’s 19-boxcutter-wielding-Arab terrorist theory for 9/11.

Flight 77: On about May 12, "new footage proving" that a commercial passenger liner struck the Pentagon was released by official sources. We have seen it. It proves nothing except it does support claims that the Pentagon was struck by something that was not a commercial passenger airplane.

Fatal Contact: The bird flu scare movie Fatal Contact was aired on ABC May 9. It created a worst- case scenario about a bird-born bug that jumps into people killing over 300 million defenseless people worldwide in a matter of weeks from the following threads: That perfectly healthy people can die from viruses hiding on cocktail napkins; that public health officials and pharmaceutical companies are the good guys. The truth about bird flu is contained in the book "Fowl!" by Dr. Sherri Tenpenny (see review at right). Once you understand what is really going on, the fatal flaws in the Fatal Contact scenario will become obvious.

Goss resigns: After 19 months, Porter Goss suddenly resigned May 5 as CIA director. Though the Bush administration is downplaying the connection, it is starting to look like Goss is in the middle of a huge scandal involving hookers, gambling, good cigars and other excesses at public expense.

Rove indicted: Karl Rove, notoriously one of the most ruthless, devious, deceitful political operators of all time (and the president’s most trusted confidant) has been indicted by Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald for his role in the Plame/CIA leak case that caused the U.S. to justify war on Iraq amid faulty intelligence of WMD. It is reported that the evidence leading to Rove’s indictment leads right to Vice-President Cheney and then to President Bush.

Fiat free fall: Late last April, Sweden cut its holdings in U.S. dollars as a sign that European banks are beginning to shun U.S. paper for euros. The move—and many subsequent moves among international banking circles—are causing the dollar to decline rapidly. The dollar is down 6 percent against other world currencies since April and down 36 percent since Bush stole a second term. The dollar is currently at its lowest value against other major currencies since 1973.

While there is no end in sight for the dollar’s decline, gaining is silver and gold and speculators see $850/oz gold and $100/oz silver.

Gas prices: Oil execs say rising gas prices are caused by consumer demand though supply is not short. Oil companies are reporting record profits while a gas price-triggered economic collapse appears imminent.

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