From the April 2006 Idaho Observer:

Unmistakable Tyranny

The Unmistakable Tyranny Project will soon have a website. Currently, anyone wishing to contact the Project can email us at We are seeking a couple extra helpers to answer emails and service the website. There is also the opportunity for contributions of research material to include in the Compendium (a compilation of right-to-keep-and-bear-arms-related documents) so if anyone has something they feel is especially important in the proof of Individual Rights under the Second Amendment, please contact us immediately with your information.

If people email their inquiries to their U.S. Congressmen and U.S. Senators regarding Individual Rights versus collective rights theory, please feel free to send a copy of your emails to the Project. We will attempt to keep track of which Congressmen and Senators are ducking the issue and not answering their constituents. Good Quality COLOR scans of letters from U.S. Congressmen and U.S. Senators or other Government Officials, either currently in office or formerly in office, can be emailed to the Project. It is best to use the U.S. mail to send copies of important letters since email may be overflowing in our email box. The address is Norman David Somerville, c/o PO Box 940, Worthington, Ohio 43085.

This is a very popular issue to deal with. The website will soon have a copy of the documents included in the Compendium and, shortly thereafter, we will begin posting the letters from Congress which we have received. The first 200 letters we receive will likely be included in the printed version of The Unmistakable Tyranny Compendium which will be served on the Federal Judges and Congressmen. The website will also have some information on Federal Rules of Evidence which may allow others to use the Compendium as evidence in their defense in court. Thank you very sincerely for the great article you wrote about The Unmistakable Tyranny Project in your last issue.

Norman David Somerville

Lexington, Kentucky

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