From the April 2006 Idaho Observer:

Researcher explains how to mitigate, even reverse autism, ADD symptoms

SPOKANE, Wash.—The Autism Society of Washington, Spokane Chapter, sponsored a lecture by William Shaw, PhD, of the Great Plains Laboratory, Inc., at Gonzaga University April 15, 2006. Professor Shaw’s lecture, divided into three parts, unveiled aspects of the autism epidemic that cast brighter light on its causes and a common-sense direction for reducing the severity of the symptoms. He also provided hope that severely autistic children may grow up to be fully-functional adults.

In the first segment of the lecture, Shaw explained that prenatal exposure to heavy metals such as lead, aluminum, uranium, copper and mercury, as well as neurotoxins such as aspartame, predispose fetuses to development of autism. He also explained that postnatal exposures to these toxins through environmental factors, breastmilk, formula and vaccines contribute to the biochemical assaults that damage the development of a baby’s central nervous system. But then Shaw began discussing pharmaceutical approaches to addressing autism which, in our experience, only exacerbates the problem.

(It should be noted that, of the 50 parents of autistic children in attendance, 10 of them were drinking diet sodas sweetened with aspartame—and continued drinking them after Shaw identified aspartame as a toxin linked to autism. We made sure that each one of these parents received a copy of The Artificially Sweetened Times [see page 15]).

In retrospect, it seems he discussed the pharmaceutical approach to treating autism to satisfy the needs of pharmaceutically-obsessed parents and healthcare professionals. The second part of the lecture revealed aspects of autism that we had never considered and which will be of interest to the parents/caregivers of autistic children.

According to Dr. Shaw, all autistics are vulnerable to developing yeast infections such as candida, chlostridium and thrush. By adjusting autistics’ diets and putting them through anti-fungal regimens, the imbalances that promote the proliferation of yeast are corrected. Once corrected, Shaw has seen the most severe of autistic symptoms subside. It is when their severely anti-social, self-abusive and potentially violent symptoms are under control that they can begin to learn.

Part three of Shaw’s lecture dealt with chelation—the processes whereby heavy metals and other toxins may be removed from the body.

Great Plains Laboratory has been analyzing samples from individuals all over the country to determine the biochemical commonalities of autism. In the process, the lab has compiled a tremendous database of contamination trends by region and has helped many children and adults overcome autism and other chronic and acute illnesses that develop in the presence of toxic exposures.

To find more information on the subject of treating autism, Shaw has published the 225-page, easy to read and understand book "Biological Treatments for Autism and PDD." The book costs $25 and can be obtained from the website at The lab can also be phoned at (913) 341-8949 and is located at 11813 W. 77th St., Lenexa, KS 66214.

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