From the April 2006 Idaho Observer:

FOWL! Update

A second printing of FOWL! had to ordered before the first had arrived from the publisher. Arrangements are being made for a Vietnamese publisher to print the book in Vietnam because Dr. Tenpenny was able to discover why diagnosed cases of bird flu are concentrated in that area of SE Asia: It’s the residues of war, particularly the dioxin TCDD, from the tons of Agent Orange dumped on the countryside, as a defoliant, by the U.S. military in the 60s and 70s.

Dr. Tenpenny has written the book that brings several serious, yet seemingly unconnected issues into focus so that we can all see them for what they are: Wars are fought to protect the interests of ruthless corporations that are genetically-modifying our food supply because heirloom varieties of plants and animals do not thrive in the chemically-contaminated environs we have helped them to create. The immediate future looks like this: The major multinational oil/chemical/pharmaceutical and agribusiness corporations are working together as symbiants to monopolize the marketplace, fill our bellies with food that matures to market weight quickly in chemically-contaminated environments (and looks nice on the shelf while being devoid of nutritional value) so that the chronically-ill marketplace will consume $billions in pharma drugs and vaccines until it (meaning us) dies.

The picture would be pretty grim if it weren’t for the following: On April 14, while in Tacoma, Wash., CDC Director Dr. Julie Gerberding announced that the bird flu threat is not as great as they originally thought. The only reason for her to say that is because the word is getting out. Not only is the word getting out, but Dr. Tenpenny’s work is likely to accomplish something that is unprecedented: A united front. Connecting the dots on the bird flu connected the world’s activists because this global pandemic scare was intended to be the global fascists’ grand finale. People who have organized to protest war, environmental degradation, pharma drugs and vaccines, agribusiness and the governments that protect them have common ground in the effort to prevent the ruthless bastards from destroying all life on the planet—which is the inevitable end result if we aren’t willing to stop them.

Those who, for whatever reason, believe these are the "end times" and it’s "God’s will" that we shall all perish or that we (and everything else) deserves extinction for our follies of the last 200 years, think of this: A lot of Europeans probably thought the end times were at hand in the 15th century when the plague was decimating populations. I don’t think it’s up to us to decide when it’s time for us to go. It is, however, up to us to decide how we are going to go—How about on our feet like honorable men and women of faith and conscience? (DWH)

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