From the March 2006 Idaho Observer:

FOWL! Government claims next flu pandemic will come on wings — not in 55-gallon drums —

With each passing day bird flu hysteria is growing. This is not because public health officials are keeping us informed of vital information as it needs to be known or as a matter of national security. The dominant media has not been objectively reporting developments of the bird flu story to keep people informed with accurate information in order to increase the likelihood that they will remain healthy during the coming pandemic.

By their own admission, public health officials are using the dominant media to create a state of irrational fear among the masses to accomplish several objectives that have nothing to do with public health or national security:

¨Motivate politicians to finance pandemic planning activities

¨Develop and stockpile drugs and vaccines

¨Condition people to believe vaccines will save them from this "deadly" disease

¨Condition the public to accept the inevitability of medical martial law

¨Hide the true cause of why the creatures on Earth are becoming so sick

We are being told that bird flu is a type of avian influenza A virus, H5N1, that is, for some scientifically specious reason, jumping into humans and is expected to mutate again, spreading from human to human. This "theory" is not supported by published science, field experience or common sense. What is supportable are claims that animals and humans carrying toxic levels of chemicals and radioactive particles are vulnerable to opportunistic infections. Dr. Sherri Tenpenny has conducted cutting edge research on this subject. See interview.

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