From the February 2006 Idaho Observer:


History and current events have been reformatted to fit your screen.

All necessary adjustments have already been made for your convenience.

mold the minds of your children.

Since gaining a foothold on American culture after WWII, 99 percent of today’s American households have at least one TV (66 percent have at least three) and television is now regarded by most as another member of the family. In fact, according to America’s TV pollsters, the A.C. Neilson Co., the number of minutes per week that parents spend in meaningful conversation with their children is 3.5 while the average child spends 1,680 minutes a week watching television. About half of America’s 4-6-year-olds prefer watching TV to interacting with their parents. The percentage of Americans who take their meals in front of the TV is 66; the average amount of time the TV is on each day is 6 hours, 47 minutes. At the American average of four hours per day, 9 years of a 65-year life will be spent "glued to the tube."

Over 4,000 studies have been performed to determine the effects of television on children. The results are not surprising: Retarded growth in major motor skills, lack of proficiency in the 3 Rs and it promotes the development of antisocial behaviors and eating disorders.

According to Neilson, 79 percent of Americans believe that TV violence precipitates real life violence. Upon graduating into the seventh grade, the average child has seen 8,000 murders on TV; 40,000 murders and over 200,000 violent acts upon graduation from high school.

If you want to see for yourself what kids are watching these days, just check out the Saturday morning cartoons. You will be shocked. Children represent a marketplace and inventing new ways to deepen their dysfunction has immediate commercial value—and longterm value for the state. Children who grow up in front of the TV and learn to arrange their lives around TV will grow up to be adults who get their entertainment, news and information from it. "Millions of Americans are so hooked on television that they fit the criteria of substance abuse," said Professor Robert Kubey of Rutgers University.

He bases his observation on the fact that people habitually use TV as a sedative, watch indiscriminately just to be watching, have no control over their desire to watch, experience anger for watching too much and feel miserable when they are prevented from watching.

FOX News military analyst Bob Maginnis, who is also a military advisor with the Pentagon Media Operations Group, explained that FOX intentionally presented stories about the Iraq war in such a way that Americans would become addicted to watching, see that the world was in chaos and make them feel as if they are "helpless to do anything but watch it happen."

In 2004, Cornell University conducted a revealing study that found 44 percent of Americans believed that Muslims’ civil liberties should be restricted in the wake of 9/11. The interesting point of the Cornell study was that people who rely on network television for their news were more likely to be fearful of another terrorist attack and were, therefore, more likely to support restricting Muslims’ civil liberties.

Big Brother’s objectives are being advanced through television. There are 4,000 studies, comments from Big Brother’s minions and an entire nation of molded minds to prove it.

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