From the February 2006 Idaho Observer:

Physics professor receives standing O for 9/11 truth presentation at Utah college

by Carrie Farnsworth


On February 1, 2006, BYU Professor Steven E. Jones gave a public lecture on the various anomalies of 9/11. The lecture took place at the Utah State Valley College in Orem, Utah. The nearly 2-hour lecture was broad in scope, and very well attended. The main lecture hall, which held around 250, was filled to standing-room only and the two annex rooms with live feeds were also full.

Jones began his lecture from a patriotic point of view, summoning the words of Patrick Henry, and framing 9/11 truthseeking as a struggle for liberty and truth.

Jones then moved quickly to the heart of the matter, the video footage of the "collapse" of WTC7, which Tucker Carlson and MSNBC would not air when they interviewed Jones.

Controlled Demolition?

Itís clear that WTC7 is the anomaly which drew Jones into 9/11 truthseeking. The available video footage of the collapse was shown, alongside footage of known controlled demolitions. The similarities are eerie, and old hat for most people researching the events of 9/11, but when Jones asked for a show of hands among the audience, just under half of the attendees had never seen the footage before.

Such a basic sequence of video footage that shows a serious problem both with the official narrative of the events of 9/11 and the shortcomings of the NIST investigations, and it is still largely unknown outside the 9/11 research community.

Jones is an excellent public speaker, and he addressed the crowd in an uncondescending manner, presuming no special knowledge of physics from the audience as he presented slide after slide interspersed with video clips all packaged in a slick PowerPoint presentation.

Among the slides were quotes from engineers, explosives experts and other similarly related professionals who are slowly coming out of the woodwork and questioning the events of 9/11.

Moving away from the purely physical attributes of 9/11 skepticism, Jones then addressed the elephant in the room, PNAC, and their agenda. Neoconservatism and its Machiavellian tendencies were singled out for special criticism by Jones, as he, a professed life-long Republican now distances himself from the party. He didnít exactly pick up the banner of the donkey either, but instead said he was looking for a party that was interested in truth.

The agenda of pre-emptive war, enabled by the events of 9/11, was labelled unconstitutional by Jones, torture was condemned, and a call was put out for a return to a more practical application of again, the Constitution.

Jones covered a lot of ground, from the failure of American air defenses on 9/11, to "data falsification" from OSHA and the EPA.

Judging from the standing ovation that Jones got at the end of his presentation, it was well received by a motley crowd of blue collar workers, students, and various representatives of the "Well-Heeled."

A careful blend of fact and very logical speculation made Jonesí seminar a pleasure to behold, especially for those in the crowd who are new to all of this.

Professor Jones is a founding member of Scholars for 9/11 Truth. His entire analysis of the WTC anomaly, "Why Indeed Did the WTC Buildings Collapse?" is available online at

It should also be noted that the "scholars" will travel to discuss 9/11 truth. Groups are encouraged to contact the group via the website if they are interested in sponsoring presentations in their area.



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