From the February 2006 Idaho Observer:

Support our Dupes

by Hari Heath


You see them everywhere. In store windows, on signs and especially the plastic ribbons stuck on cars proclaiming "support our troops." Looking past the popularly programmed mindset, what does "support our troops" really mean? Do those who proclaim their support actually give any? Does the government support "our" troops? Aren’t the troops and those who sport support stickers really dupes who truly need our support?

Duped troops

What about those troops? Many, seeking a leg up from some disadvantaged place in society and others genuinely seeking to serve their country, were first duped at the recruiter’s office. Promises of lifetime healthcare, educational benefits, special training and placement in preferred areas of service, enticed many to sign up for the military. The recruiter’s non-revocable, less-than-full-disclosure contract begins to fall short at first muster. The duping pays dividends to the dupers upon full deployment in a hostile foreign land when the duped fight with no mission and no exit strategy.

We were duped into believing that Arab terrorists were responsible for the Sept. 11 attacks when the evidence indicates rogue elements of the domestic government helped to achieve their airborne objectives.

Dupers, from the president on down, duped the world into supporting a pre-emptive war to seek out and destroy Saddam’s "weapons of mass destruction" that have never been found.

A policy of "friendly harm" has justified our troops being exposed to depleted uranium, forced vaccinations and decades of clandestine testing of chemical and biological agents—and then we send our troops into harms way without so much as adequate body armor?

Mandatory, multiple tours of duty; troops recalled or prevented from retirement and a National Guard that is now mostly out of the nation—is this how we honor enlistment contracts and "support our troops?"

Government casualty counts only include those who died on the battlefield. If enough pieces of a man can be scraped up, flown to Germany and still have a pulse before expiring, as is increasingly common with the aid of modern battlefield trauma care, they are not included in the casualty count.

After healing the open wounds, more than a few of our troops have found themselves kicked out of medical facilities, discharged with no benefits, support, transportation home or literally in some cases, no legs to stand on. Some are even billed for their medical treatment, made necessary by their "service to our country."

Support our troops? Government doesn’t.

Support what?

There are a few Americans who really do support the troops. They may take care of their families while they are deployed, or look after a veteran in need, or participate in some support group. But most give lip service, at best. What do many Americans really mean by "support our troops?"

Unfortunately, these popular stickers are often displayed for selfish interests. Unconsciously, the real meaning may be: More cheap oil for me; more security for me—and they have to do to show support is slap a ribbon on their car? At times, human nature is less than ideal and these are those times. I suspect that most of the people sporting support stickers and signs have never actually done anything to support a member of the military or their family.

Whose troops?

It’s not just the troops who have been duped. Well meaning believers in our present society believe the troops are fighting to protect us. But that’s not what an objective analysis will reveal. The troops are not fighting for us. They are not even fighting to bring "us" oil. We don’t get any oil out of the deal, the oil companies do. And last I checked, oil companies are not benevolent public service agencies. They profit at our expense—including the personal costs paid by "our troops."

They are not even "our" troops. They could be more accurately described as U. S. corporate mercenaries—the fighting men and women of Corp-gov. They fight for oil company oil; they are expendable bodies for the military-industrial complex’s weapons inventory reduction and resupply program; they provide reconstruction opportunities for Halliburton et. al.

Today’s dupe

We were led to believe, before the onset of the current Iraq occupation/coup, that Saddam had WMDs and would use them if we didn’t stop him. Rarely mentioned, was the fact that he was planning on selling Iraqi oil for Euros. This figurative thrust would have pierced the armor of the global oil cartel and begun bleeding out the petro-dollar. The cartel cannot allow their petro-dollar scheme to fail, so Saddam must go—at any cost—and with any excuse the generally duped population will accept.

Deja Vu? Now Iran is planning on selling its oil for Euros, so the building-nuclear-weapons-and-threatening-to-use-them card is being played. Interestingly, North Korea, India, Pakistan and Israel are all members of the have-built-nuclear-weapons-and-threatened-to-use-them club, but, since they are not selling oil for Euros, they are not on the imminent invasion schedule.

Again, what, exactly, are "our" troops fighting for?

We have been duped

A broad spectrum of society has been duped. Creating and maintaining dupes is a complex, fully integrated and well-funded psychoscience. Once subjects have become dupes, the duped state is difficult to reverse—but it can be done.

The human mind is quite malleable. In most cases parents begin forming our thoughts and core beliefs. The public education process further cements the conceptual foundations of society’s members.

Television is the number one tool of the dupers to mold our perception of reality. Popular music, magazines, radio, newspapers, the Internet, books and other information/indoctrination systems are also vital components of our duping. Whoever operates and controls these information streams lays the program in the public mind.

The science of propagating thought forms is now a major industry. Million dollar one-shot Superbowl ads have become almost as attractive as the game itself. And the commercial benefits of such programming can be counted out by the $millions.

The science of selling products is only equaled or exceeded by the science of selling war.

Those of us who have found reality to be inverse of the programs we have been fed, often have great difficulty convincing, or even just showing members of the programmed masses the evidence that they have been duped.

Many of the dupes among us simply have their minds glaze over and cannot comprehend new information that challenges their programming. Others react more aggressively to fend off the mental conflict that would occur should the paradigm of their programming develop a crack.

Subconsciously, the dupes among us know that, if one part of the program is shown to be false, other components, in time, will fall apart also. It is much easier to avoid any challenges to the program. You might say, much of our population has been duped into a "dupor."

The grand dupe

Dupery, the act or practice of duping, is rampant, especially in the political arena. Honest, objective analysis of almost any public subject will reveal a truth quite opposite to the claims of those in government, the media and the corporate sector.

Joseph Gobbles, the man who engineered the rise of Hitler, said a lie told often enough, eventually becomes the truth. Today, we have the mass media echo chamber—lies are told over and over on all frequencies, channels and pages—so the entire bandwidth into our brains is covered—until fiction becomes fact.

Such dupery has created our current societal conditioning: Security is being disarmed, searched and interrogated; freedom is more laws—and Arabs want to kill us all because they hate our freedom.

"Will that be paper or plastic; debit or credit?" The dollar, a coin of silver, is no longer spendable money.

Voting is the act of touching the screen, selecting from the available options of approved candidates, letting Diebold count and the media report the results.

Taxes are payments you "owe" according to a nine-million word tax code, that fails to define you as a taxpayer, converts and perverts the definition of "income" without any lawfully-ratified authority.

Courts of law are where we go to be ruled by men who disregard the rules and the rule of law.

The medical industry kills more people from malpractice than all the incompetent drivers on American roads, yet many have come to "believe" in their "cures."

If you have read this far into The Idaho Observer, without having your brain shut down from a media-installed, paradigm-protection program, you can probably list many more examples of modern dupery.

Crack in the paradigm

Those of us who have begun the unduping process on our own, usually had a pivotal event turn us around. Our perfect little world developed a crack—a crack in the paradigm. From that crack we were afforded a view, which created more cracks, until the entire paradigm shattered and fell away.

It may have been an attack on job, home or family. The medical, legal or administrative professions may have assaulted something or someone we hold dear. A personal or natural disaster may have uncontrovertibly shown that promises of government support or security were illusory. Or the facts proclaimed by our dupers didn’t match up with a clear and present reality.

The mind is like a computer in that it cannot function with contrary programming. Computers either freeze up or melt down; humans are a little more durable. We get cognitive dissonance, which causes the mind to rattle around in neutral until we figure out which "reboot" program is best for bringing our brains back online. As the dupers’ paradigm shatters, a new paradigm, based on our experience of reality, begins to self-install.

Support our dupes

The dupers’ paradigm is beginning to crack in the minds of the duped at an exponential rate. A lie told often enough may become the truth, but one lie requires another lie to cover it. Eventually, nothing but lies are told and the duper’s ruse becomes evident and unbelievable.

When was the last time someone in government told us the truth? The answer is becoming a distant memory. The dupers’ paradigm has major cracks and those who have been duped will need our support.

The dupe recovery kit

Supporting our dupes means helping them to finish cracking the shell of the dupers’ paradigm by providing them with information to facilitate the shift past an idle state of cognitive dissonance into the construction of their own new paradigm. Unfortunately, part of the dupers’ process was to dumb the population down to a state of minimal literacy. Newspapers such as this one have little effect on the well duped. Extracting and assimilating information by actually reading is an uncommon practice among the duped.

They have been blasted with information for decades. The TV screen in nearly every home penetrates the consciousness by captivating the audio and visual senses and lulling the mind into a receptive beta state.

The video media has much greater potential to reach out and touch the mind of the dupes. Telling them new facts or trying to get them to read is not nearly as effective as sitting them down with a video and letting them see for themselves. It gives them a sense of self-discovery and uses the same method in which most of their duped programming was received.

We can each start developing "dupe recovery kits": Collections of videos covering the spectrum of the duper’s plan to steal the nation, rule the planet, thin out the herd and make slavery feel like freedom. Some videos will be more effective than others, or more or less appropriate to different audiences. For example, I have noticed that 911 In Plane Site has a very positive effect and a high turnaround rate in the opinions of the duped with its just-the-facts style, presented as a question for all to see. Alex Jones videos, while jammed full of good information, may be too intense for the neophyte dupe. He covers a wide spectrum of subjects well, but his ranting, staccato style is not necessarily the best entry-level dupe recovery tool; save them for later recovery sessions.

Missing Presumed Dead (see below) is an excellent component of any dupe recovery kit. Develop a dupe recovery kit that covers a spectrum of subjects. Know your tools and be sensitive to your audience. It’s not easy for the comfortably numb to discover that most of their world has been upside down and inside out. The goal is to crack the dupers’ paradigm and help people rebuild their own reality with a minimum of pain, at a pace they can handle.

Support our dupes and help them break on through to the other side!

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