From the February 2006 Idaho Observer:

America: From Freedom to Fascism

Originally titled "April 15: The Real April Fool’s Day," Hollywood film producer Aaron Russo (Trading Places, Wise Guys, The Rose) has just released a feature-length film that would change America tomorrow if it was promoted like Mel Gibson’s controversial movie, "The Passion of the Christ."

Renamed "America...From Freedom to Fascism," this blockbuster film is currently on tour of with We the People (WTP) and is being shown in select locations along with a 55-minute WTP documentary on the right to petition. At this time, Freedom to Fascism has been shown to audiences in Denver and Tucson. Other dates and locations are lining up and may be arranged through WTP (see below for contact information).

Rick Stanley of Denver said, "My wife and I saw the film with a friend, David Schaffer, who drove all the way from Oklahoma City to watch this movie and support Bob Schulz and his We the People organization. It was our impression that ‘America...From Freedom to Fascism’ will be the final nail in the coffin of the IRS Income Tax. It was an excellent film. There were maybe a few dozen people in the audience who did not know much about the issues presented in the film, out of perhaps 250 people in the two theatres where the film was shown. If, and that is a big "IF," the public gets to see this film, Americans will stop paying the fraudulent, misapplied IRS Income Tax and it will be over. They will join the minimum of 67 million people, who currently do not file the IRS Income Tax."

Freedom to Fascism is being entered in the Cannes Film Festival in France (May 17-26, 2006). After Cannes, Freedom to Fascism will be released in the U.S. Though it is not clear at this time how the film will be unleashed on America or what type of ad campaign will be implemented to promote it, Stanley believes that, when Freedom to Fascism starts playing, everyone in the tax honesty movement ought to do everything in their power to spread the message of this film so people will go see it.

Then, Stanley continued, once it comes out on DVD, they should sponsor public showings, organize private party showings and do whatever it takes to make sure that everyone in America has the opportunity to see what has happened to their country and meet, up close and personal, the organized crime syndicate posing as tax collectors as they bankrupt Americans at gunpoint.

"It is powerful. It is forceful. It gets the message across in an easy-to-understand method that even the most docile ‘grass-chewing’ sheep of an American will understand. That is our calling, folks—to make sure that the flock sees this film. There will be many forces aligned against this film. I hope Russo has many copies stashed with people. I pray for his safety," Stanley stated.

Those who want to see Freedom to Fascism before Cannes, public showings are tentatively scheduled for the following cities:

Feb. 25—Missouri: Kansas City

Mar. 2—California: Beverly Hills

Mar. 4—North Carolina: Cary

Mar. 5—Georgia: Atlanta

Mar. 11—Washington: Spokane

Mar. 12—Oregon: Portland

Mar. 18—Illinois: St. Charles

Mar. 19—Michigan: Lansing

Mar. 25—New York: Glens Falls

Mar. 26—New Hampshire

Apr. 1—New York

Apr. 2—New Jersey

Apr. 8—Northern Cal: San Francisco

Apr. 9—Nevada: Las Vegas

Apr. 21—Washington, D.C.

Check the WTP website at for exact times and locations. If none are indicated, contact WTP if you are able to help find a location and publicize the event.

Note: Freedom to Fascism and The Right to Petition will be shown in the greater Spokane/Coeur d’Alene area the evening of Monday, March 13, 2006. The exact time and location has not been confirmed at press time. Consult the website at as the exact location will be posted as soon as it is confirmed. If you do not have access to a computer, you may contact Lawrence Ashdown at (509) 447-5828.

This event is open to the public and will be free of charge. Space will be limited and seats will be given on a first-come, first-serve basis. Donations to WTP will be thankfully accepted as it continues to fight for the people’s right to petition the government for redress of grievances in court. All proceeds will be earmarked for this effort.

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