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Who/what is a slave?

Tax Slave

When the subject of slavery comes up between people born and raised in the U.S., an image of cotton-picking negro slaves comes immediately to mind. To the public school-educated and mass-media-conditioned American mind, if your skin is not black and you donít live in pre-14th Amendment America, you cannot be a slave. The logical obverse, in the minds of properly indoctrinated Americans, is the automatic presumption of personal freedom. As we can see in millions of examples among our countrymen, none are so capable of being progressively enslaved as those whose presumption of freedom can be maintainedófrom birth to death.

But the slave model etched in the American mind is only a stereotypeóitís only one definition. Slavery has many definitions, a few of which are cited below. All of them, excluding word usage variations like, "Heís a slave to his habits," infer sets of circumstances where peopleís physical bodies, political expressions and spiritual beliefs are controlled by others.

Americans living under the laws of the U.S. are, by definition, slaves. Artful legislative machinations have transformed the inalienable rights to pursue life and liberty and acquire property into statutory privileges that can be granted by government or taken away without recourse.

Are you a slave?

Under the definitions provided above, just about all of us are slaves. Under the Blackís definition, all prisoners who were unduly convicted or "denied due process of law" are slaves per 13th and 14th amendments to the Constitution.

Per the second half of Blackís definition, everyone is a slave because, at any time and without just cause, government agents may "dispose of our person (Vickie Weaver, for instance), dispose of our industry and labor (ask thousands of small business owners who have been unjustly ruined by the IRS) and anything that we acquire may be seized at any timeóand the seizures will stand in court because ownership is proved by the highest claim of possession and disposal.

The previous paragraph proves the Bouvierís definition: Another has unlimited control over our livesówhenever it decides to exercise that control.

Both Blackís and Bouvierís describe people held in bondage, enthralled; enslaved per Websterís.

Though we may not be "purchased," we are born free and then "captured" by statutory (14th Amendment) snares that completely divest us of our personal rights and; we submit to these fictitious bonds in a "servile manner" making us slaves under the Oxford Universal Dictionary definition.

Per our American Heritage dictionary definition, we are bound in servitude as instruments to pay an infinite array of taxes to specified influences in a condition that has been easily likened to slavery.


Slave. A person who is wholly subject to the will of another; one who has no freedom of action, but whose person and services are wholly under the control of another. One who is under the power of a master, and who belongs to him; so that the master may sell and dispose of his person, of his industry, and of his labor, without his being able to do anything, have anything or acquire anything, but what must belong to his master. The 13th Amendment abolished slavery. ~Blackís Law Dictionary, 5th Edition

SLAVE. One over whose life, liberty and property another has unlimited control.

~Bouvierís Law Dictionary, 1870

slave: 1. A person held in bondage; a thrall.

~Websterís Collegiate Dictionary, 1947

thrall: a A slave; bondman. b One in moral or mental bondage. c Thralldom - To enslave; enthrall.

~Websterís Collegiate Dictionary, 1947

Slave: 1. One who is the property of, and entirely subject to, another person, whether by capture, purchase, or birth; a servant completely divested of freedom and personal rights. 2. One who submits in a servile manner to the authority or dictation of another or others; a submissive or devoted servant. ~Oxford Universal Dictionary, 1955

slave: 1. One who is bound in servitude to a person or household as an instrument of labor. 2. One who is submissive or subject to a specified person or influence. 3. One whose condition is likened to that of slavery.

~The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, 1969


Conclusive evidence of live, non-fiction, flesh and blood status

It all seems to start when we witness or experience the lawless power of government: We begin to realize that ours really isnít the land of the free. As we progress in our understanding and the depths and breadths of the betrayal become apparent, we discover that governments are fictions and that, through constructive fraud, they transform our flesh and blood into paper fictions because this trick somehow authorizes governments to treat us like property. The process is a lot like the movies when "real" people are suddenly thrust into cartoonland where the only laws in effect are those imagined into existence by the cartoonist. Though it may seem hard for most to conceive, one of the cornerstones of being abused as government property is our inability to overcome governmentís presumption that we are paper fictions over which it has the rights of ownership. Patriots have gone to great lengths to"break the presumption" (many of which are expensive, complicated and covered in previous editions of The IO)óand still government throws them around like paper dolls. Arenít these strange times: The government will tax and imprison, even murder us at its pleasure and convenience because we are forever failing to provide it with conclusive proof that we are flesh and blood men and women. The following is an interesting, simple and inexpensive tactic one may employ to finally break that presumptionóprovided all our other sovereignty ducks are in a nice, neat row.

by Augustus Blackstone

An interesting question was put to me recently during a discussion about making a legal distinction from an idem sonans (sounds the same when spoken) ens legis (corporate fiction) "strawman" (all capital letter spelled name) entity, that the courts and existing (political) systems would have little choice but to recognize and acknowledge. The question was, "What kind of conclusive evidence would best prove that one is in fact a living, breathing, flesh and blood (wo)man?"

Legal fiction entities, being fictions, cannot bleed because they have no blood. Only living entities have blood, which can be quantified and qualified through immunological compatibility testing and classification (blood typing). In answer to the question, I suggested obtaining a Red Cross blood donorís card, making sure that it shows oneís name properly spelled in upper/lower case lettering. This would be an "acceptable" form of conclusive evidence that can be carried in oneís wallet and that can be used in conjunction with evidence of oneís live birth.

Unlike other, more local blood collection agencies, the Red Cross Society is an internationally recognized body that enjoys near absolute neutrality and political immunity in all nations participant in or adherent to the Geneva Convention, even during active military hostilities between those nations.

To what extent that international political immunity reaches into other zones of application within this country remains to be explored. But anyone can obtain a blood donorís card, even if they do not intend thereafter to donate blood (or anything else). The Red Cross Society is an international philanthropic organization, formed in 1864. And, as such, there is no obligation to donate. Itís all voluntary.

This is not a promotional plug for the Red Cross Society. It is an answer to the question pertaining to obtaining conclusive evidence of being a living (wo)man which is or can be recognized by existing political systems (and their courts), that has international neutrality/immunity implications and that can be used to establish entitlement to declared God-given Rights. It is the life within the blood that establishes oneís connection to the divine tutelary authority. Make the most of it.

Note: Several of our readers have engaged correspondence with Augustus Blackstone, author of The Errant Sovereignís Handbook. In case you are one of those, "Uncle Gusí" address has changed to:

Augustus Blackstone

c/o postal service address:

South 921 Monroe Street #5

Spokane, Washington CF 99204 CF

United States of America

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