From the December 2005 Idaho Observer:

Vaccines: Medical Experimentation on the Masses

by Dewey Ross Duffel and Ingri Cassel


Until recently, few people questioned their doctors when the hospital nurse took their newborn babies away to be "cleaned up." That was before realizing that unnecessary medical interventions such as vitamin K and hepatitis B injections are often given at this time.

Most parents are still not aware that the hepatitis B vaccine has never been clinically tested on children under five years of age. In fact, all vaccines currently in use are licensed primarily upon specific antibody response and not on studies proving safety or efficacy. This grand medical experiment on our children continues at the first well-baby check-up at two months when the pediatrician recommends that five shotsóDTaP, Hib, Hep B (2nd one after birth), IPV (inactivated polio vaccine), and PCV (pneumococcal vaccine)óbe administered during the visit and all within half an hour.

Due to parental trust in their pediatricianís expertise and training, most parents do not question the wisdom of this many antigens injected into their precious baby in such a short period of time. The tide is changing, however, because so many people are now witness to friends and family members suffering adverse reactions to routine vaccinations.

Research reveals that sales propaganda promoting vaccines are not supported in science. Although this research takes considerable time and energy, many parents have found that it is a study they wished they had done earlier. Vaccination is not an emergency procedure and nothing is more important than our children. A few months delay in making this vital decision is certainly justified.

Thimerosal and autism

It is now widely known that there is a heated controversy surrounding the cumulative effects of thimerosal (49 percent ethyl mercury) that has been added to vaccines for over 60 years, both as an adjuvant and preservative.

It appears that our government watchdog agencies have been asleep regarding the amount of mercury children were receiving via the CDC vaccine schedule, which has steadily increased annually the recommended number of childhood vaccines administered. As a direct result of the CDCís reckless increase in the vaccine schedule, our nation is experiencing an epidemic of ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorders, dyslexia, bipolar, and other psychological disturbances. It is disturbing to note that the symptoms of mercury poisoning are virtually identical to the symptoms of autism.

Why is it that suddenly vaccine injury and death are becoming commonplace rather than the exception? There are many reasons but the root cause appears to be that the human genome is being altered by vaccines. By injecting increasing quantities of foreign RNA and DNA, toxic metals and poisonous chemicals into our bloodstreams, our own genetic structure is changed, affecting all generations that follow. Already compromised by inherited mutations (hence epidemic cancer, auto-immune dysfunction, socio-pathic behavior and addiction to pharmaceutical drugs), the current generation of babies are "at risk" from the time they are born. Begin dosing them with vaccines soon after birth and the likelihood of an adverse reaction increases.

Not mincing words

Children today face a barrage of unnatural prenatal chemistry coupled with a vaccine assault from birth to age five of 31 federally- recommended vaccine injections. Even if they do not develop physical and mental complications such as multiple sclerosis or autism, they may not have the ability to produce viable, healthy children of their own. Is there hope for humanity when we have been so biochemically and genetically altered that our own offspring can no longer produce viable offspring? The answer is "yes." Through the experience of many Australian dog breeders who ceased administering vaccines to their dogs and, instead, administered homeopathic remedies and a sound diet, it is apparent that health and virility can be restored over time.

We are no longer mincing words. By saying that vaccines are "linked to" rather than the "cause of" sudden infant death, learning disabilities, and chronic diseases, we journalistically side-step what we know from science and cold, hard experience to be the reality of mass vaccination programs. The truth is that vaccinations cause significant numbers of sudden infant death, learning disabilities and the development of chronic autoimmune diseases. We cannot begin to describe the extent of the declining health of our nation caused by public health policies mandating "medical experimentation" via vaccinations. It is clearly iatrogenocide, or medically-induced mass murder.

The ingredients

Letís take a look at the ingredients in the vaccines. Only then will we understand clearly that it is impossible to build vital cell structure and a strong immune system by injecting known carcinogens and foreign proteins containing genetic material from other species into our bodies.

Viruses and bacteria are cultured in continuous cell lines originating from either aborted fetal tissue or various animal organs. For example, IPOL® Aventis Pasteurís inactivated polio vaccine, contains "three strains of poliovirus Ö individually grown in vero cells, a continuous line of monkey kidney cells cultivated on microcarriers." Many of the newer vaccines such as hepatitis A, varicella and rubella vaccines are cultured in continuous cell lines originating from human fetal tissue and are listed in the packet inserts as "human diploid cells." Many researchers consider the vaccine preservatives and adjuvants more toxic than the viral components. A few of these are thimerosal (ethyl mercury), formaldehyde, aluminum hydroxide, aluminum phosphate, formalin, monosodium glutamate (msg), phenoxyethanol (antifreeze), neomycin (antibiotic), phenol (carbolic acid) and ammonium sulfate.

Adverse events

It has been observed that vaccines cause encephalitis or swelling of the brain in varying degrees. When the recipient is also malnourished, the cerebral swelling is much more severe. Dr. Viera Scheibnerís research shows that our current epidemic of SIDS and shaken baby syndrome cases is directly linked to childhood vaccines. Even the Annals of Neurology published a report by Louis Reik in April, 1980, proving that vaccines cause vascular injury and damage to the myelin sheath, the protective substance that coats components of our central nervous system. This epidemic of vaccine damaged children is validated by the fact that over $1 billion has been paid out to vaccine injured parties through the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program since 1986. Unfortunately, only a fraction of all claimants ever receive any just compensation.

Government approved?

You may be wondering why the Food and Drug Administration would license such dangerous vaccines. The concept that antibody production equates to immunity from a particular infectious disease is strongly believed in spite of numerous researchers observing immunity in individuals with no detectable levels of antibodies. Other individuals with proven pre-existing high antibody levels have contracted the very disease for which immunity was claimed.

Research has found that antibodies to vaccine ingredients unbalance the ratio of immune killer cells to immune memory cells confirming that vaccines do indeed harm the immune system. Licensing of vaccines is based primarily upon the manufacturer demonstrating the production of specific antibodies. Effectiveness and longterm safety are ignored when a vaccine is licensed. For example, in Aventis Pasteurís ActHIB® vaccine packet insert, it states that their trial studies involved 7,000 children. Out of 7,000 children, only 15 percent (1,064) did not suffer an adverse reaction. It should be noted that the 15 percent were over one year old and were given this vaccine alone. This same vaccine is recommended by the CDC to be given at two months of age and in conjunction with hepatitis B, DTaP, IPV and PCV vaccines (Recommended childhood immunization schedule Ė 2005).

Vaccinated v. unvaccinated

When comparing a totally unvaccinated population with its vaccinated counterparts, such as the case of the Hopewood children in Australia, it is clear that the unvaccinated are healthier than their vaccinated peers. Why are we told that vaccinations are a public health issue when, if they actually worked, the vaccinated would be protected from the unvaccinated? How logical is the concept of herd immunity? Are we really supposed to believe that the medicine you take will not work unless I take it too?

Exemption are available

Due to the fact that vaccination can cause many diseases and even death, everyone in all 50 states is entitled to a medical exemption. However, most doctors will not write a medical exemption unless you or your child has already been provably damaged by a vaccine or has a family history of allergies and adverse vaccine reactions. Many doctors who give medical exemptions have had their license to practice medicine threatened so it is best to use the other exemptions available in your state. Religious exemptions are available in 48 states. Only West Virginia and Mississippi do not have a religious exemption.

If your church or other religious affiliation does not teach against vaccination as blood pollution, defilement of the Ďtemple of the spirití or other objection, then remember that all persons (even an atheist) can hold that it is unethical and immoral to put you or your childís life at risk by injecting harmful, unnecessary and sometimes lethal substances into the body. One of the most basic of human rights is the ability to choose what goes into our bodies. Even the Nuremberg Code that resulted from the famous Nuremberg medical trials following World War II arose partially from the use of untested vaccinations on prisoner populations as an aspect of medical experimentation against a personís will.

If an "authority" insists on your compliance with a compulsory vaccination policy, then insist they sign an acceptance of medical responsibility form that transfers responsibility for vaccine injury from yourself to them. If the risk of an adverse reaction is as rare as they want us to believe, they should have no problem playing Russian roulette and signing the form you have created. After all, you are being coerced into playing Russian roulette with your health every time you are coerced into receiving an injection of a "disease-causing" vaccine.

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