From the December 2005 Idaho Observer:

Americans’ faith & trust in politicians reach new low

An AP/Ipso poll released Dec. 8, 2005, revealed that most Americans believe that political corruption has been institutionalized in Washington, D.C. Sixty-one percent of respondents disproved of Capitol Hill lawmakers—the worst results in a year of polling the question.

The rash of investigations, indictments and bribes are taking their toll on public faith and trust. "It seems like everything seems to be corrupted," AP reported Ohio dietician Sylvia Kind as stating. Kind’s comments are a reflection of Americans’ growing impression that political corruption is not confined to the District of Columbia, but institutionalized throughout America. "From the local mayor or sheriff all the way up to the president, it means people have a real distrust of their government," said Larry Noble, head of the Center for Responsive Politics campaign, a watchdog group.

Ask yourself:

"Are people the property of the state or free souls under their Creator?"

The answer to that question is the riddle of all time; 21st

century America is no exception.

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