From the November 2005 Idaho Observer:

On Veterans' Day:

Yes, Iím a Veteran,

Yes, I believed I served in Vietnam to protect Freedom in America. (3rd TFW, PACAF, Bien Hoa RVN)

Yes, I have a son who was born deaf as a result of my exposure to Agent Orange (3rd TFW, PACAF, Bien Hoa RVN - Ranch Hands Squadron)

Yes, I carry the internal scars and personality defects of this experience.

However, without this experience I would not be able to recognize the truth involved in that war and others, nor would I be the person I am today, both the good and the bad. Nor would I carry a wrenching knot in my stomach watching a corrupt and immoral gaggle of low-lifes attacking Americans to steal their God-Given Unalienable Rights. The exact same rights that I, in effect, took a bullet for.

Yes, I believe in a strong military for the very reasons that our Founding Fathers did when they acknowledged the Militia internally and a Navy to guard our shores. The reason for this is so that we do not have war.

However, the military when used to promote war for material gain of those in power at the expense of the loss of well-intentioned young Americans and disruptions of human love is despicable. 

Yes, Iím a Veteran and damn proud of it because of my belief in the original intentions of the foundations of America. I was duped, but Iím proud to be in such good company now because so were you. We are now helping each other to win the real war for our Freedom.

 When you see through the thin veil of major media saying that "a small group of so-called citizen activists disrupted a local government meeting" and realize that at last someone is demanding that elected officials obey the law, you are a soldier.

When you hear the hype of "guns kill people" and firm up on the grip knowing full well that guns protect Rights, you are a soldier.

 When you hear that "if you donít get vaccinated for some killer pandemic, you will die" and recognize the source of such an unfounded statement knowing full well that the vaccination itself is what will harm you, you are a soldier.

 When you speak up and demand answers to common sense and legal questions knowing, yet remaining fearless of the consequences, you are a soldier.

In short, when you question the validity of orders and stand up for your Rights, you are a soldier.

When you:

know that Love is beauty and comfort, while Fear is dis-ease;

know that the spectrum of your emotions range between Love and Fear; 

know that the only weapon those who will deny your Freedom have is Fear;

know that you must live within a state of one or the other and that you can recognize both but not live both and have the guts to choose, you are a soldier.

If you have read this far and understand, you are a soldier. 

You are a soldier in one of the most demanding and disciplined operations you will ever face, the defense of your Freedom and Love.

 Remain steadfast in your pursuits; it is truly all you and I have.

Yes, I am a Veteran of the military, but I will not be a Veteran of the war we are truly in until they surrender, or the day I die.

 Happy Veterans Day, whenever it comes.

~Dennis Grover, American

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