From the November 2005 Idaho Observer:

Sow these seeds and water often

There are three things we must understand to successfully navigate ourselves through life on this planet.

1. Our bodies: We must know how our bodies work so we can maintain health and treat illness.

2. Who we are: We must know who we are—in the eyes of the state and in the heart of our Creator—so we can never misunderstand our rights and responsibilities as citizens and children of God.

3. Money: We must know about the history of money, the different kinds of money and how money is used by various factions to attain specific ends.

This is a very simple assignment: When you talk to small children and young men and women, tell them that their futures depend upon understanding how their bodies work, who they are as souls and citizens, and the money system.

If they hear these simple statements often enough, they will one day become curious enough to ask for help learning about these things. Perhaps, one day, we will have done our part to undermine the faction of society that profits from people who take poison for medicine, have no idea who they are relative to government and God, and believe that pieces of green paper have value equal to the numbers printed on them.

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