From the November 2005 Idaho Observer:

Our Aurora

For nine years The Idaho Observer has been a monthly measure of our world as it unfolds. A review of nine+ years and 104 editions memorializes what we knew about the implosion of our nation and the high-level betrayal of our people all along the way and how our understanding has matured through time, research and experience.

Now it is evident to all of us here at The IO (and that includes you) that we are on a collision course with ourselves, the "government" and the natural world. The question becomes, "What can we do to alter this course of mutually-assured destruction?"

At least one answer is simple: "Something different."

For all our knowledge and historically-justified beliefs about the relationships between people and governments, our countrymen still believe that slavery is freedom, war is peace and that poison is food and medicine. In other words, our people suffer in ignorance because we have failed to educate them.

We must to do something different because our current tactics aren’t working on a scale grand enough to preempt the planned destruction of America. Because we have been growing in knowledge and experience together; because our well-informed efforts are continually rebuffed by the uninformed masses; because we sense that time is drawing short, it is time to go on the offensive—journalistically speaking.

Enclosed for our subscribers and distributors this month is a very important questionnaire. It is vital to our combined efforts that everyone take the time to fill it out and return it to us. We are proposing a project intended to reinvent the lost art of proactive journalism while taking advantage of modern communications technologies. In order to succeed (and fail we must not) your opinions, counsel and hands-on help is absolutely necessary.

As of January, 2006, we are proposing to "sunset" The Idaho Observer and "sunrise" The Aurora. We were moved to consider taking our counterpropaganda efforts to a new level after revisiting The American Aurora (1998) by Richard N. Rosenfeld which illuminated how Benjamin Franklin Bache’s independent press, The Philadelphia Aurora (1790-1798), countered the statist presses. The book is truly inspiring. It shows that, to appear "credible" and "objective" while pretending to compete with "mainstream" print and broadcast media, we have severely limited our ability to change the hearts and minds of our people. We commonly describe spades as clubs by using such terms such as "appears" and "reportedly" to avoid calling spades what they really are.

The overall effect is that we are reporting events and telling stories while vile individuals in high places are seldom, if ever, made to feel appropriate degrees of heat for their actions. Compounding the problem, "mainstream" publications and reporters are seldom held accountable for being in the business of publishing/broadcasting the lies and deceptions serving to insulate treasonous vermin from the justifiable wrath of a betrayed nation.

Together we can change all that. Beginning in January, we will, with your blessing, become The Aurora. The tabloid-sized newspaper will appear much differently and artistically engage magazine rack browsers to open ‘er up (see page 8). We will fill pages with news and special reports as we always do but, rather than place ourselves outside the stories, we will be in the middle of them. Throughout the month we will be locating mainstream stories that are filled with provable lies, contact the reporters and confront them on the inaccuracies they published. We will also, where possible, contact the policymakers involved and confront them with the errors of their ways and means.

Much of this correspondence will be handled electronically through email. We intend to set The Aurora website up to post articles identified as injuriously inaccurate and our efforts to contact the responsible parties and correct the record. If they engage, that will be great. If they do not, then we will draft what we think they would have said (or should have said) in response to our comments. The intent here is to turn all this into a great sport that we can all play by deluging the liars with so many calls, FAXes and emails that the thought of publishing lies disrupts digestion, prompts their friends and family members to wonder what they do at work and generally make them hate their pimped little lives. We intend to condense the month’s record-correcting adventures into a column featured in every edition.

What we haven’t accomplished with gentlemanly, gloves-on journalism within the etiquette arena of AP style we can accomplish in a gloves-off street fight. The masses we are trying to reach do not give a damn about rules and etiquette, they want to be entertained; to see blood and mangled bodies laying in the street—and not just the metaphoric ones (but virtual bodies are okay).

This note is very personal to me. We have come a long way, have learned a lot and can easily support the statement, "Whatever it is we are doing isn’t working so we had better do something else." I am challenging me, The IO staff and you to take a deep breath, collect our thoughts and throw every ounce of courage, creativity, love, hope, faith and charity into an offensive intended to regain our lost personal liberties and our sense of national honor. No matter what, (DWH)

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