From the October 2005 Idaho Observer:

35 "tens of thousands" converge on D.C.

Media insults America by downplaying its desire to withdraw from Iraq—with apologies

WASHINGTON, D.C.—A realistically-estimated 350,000 Americans descended on the nation’s capital Sept. 24, 2005. Initially intended to be a rally demanding the immediate cessation of U.S. hostilities in Iraq, throngs of people filled the streets here in general protest of Bush administration policies.

The Associated Press story that hit Sunday papers all across the country Sept. 25 reported that "tens of thousands" came to protest the war—which by all accounts and the photo record grossly understates the national sentiment represented in D.C. that day: "Withdraw our troops now and prepare to be impeached."

Thousands more may have attempted to attend the historic event but Amtrak trains to D.C. from New York were turned back, cancelled or delayed, according to the Washington Post.

The Post also reported that biohazard sensors near the Mall in D.C. detected tularemia Saturday, but not the day before or the day after.

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