From the October 2005 Idaho Observer:

Rubbin’ our noses in it

It’s shocking, isn’t it, how the Bush administration behaves during crises; the dominant media’s refusal to properly report Bush-cabal-precipitated events and; the average American’s noncomprehension that a fascist regime currently holds the reigns of power in the former land of the free.

What spin can you place on the intent of soldiers ordered to herd about 10,000 primarily black natural disaster refugees into a sports arena and then lock them inside without food or water for five days? How do you respond to a government that uses a natural disaster to militarily occupy a city, confiscate weapons, prioritizes running background checks on its now homeless and hungry inhabitants over helping them out?

Since 1997 an underlying belief has colored everything I see and report as a journalist: I believe that the federal government is doing everything in its power to provoke the American people into engaging in acts of civil disobedience on a scale large enough to declare martial law and get rid of our rights once and for all.

Based upon this premise, I see a federal government frustrated with Americans’ collective apathy. It seems that, no matter how many times Americans are knocked unconscious with a blow to their constitutional face, they get back up, dust themselves off and go about their business as if nothing had happened and their oppressors are still the defenders of freedom.

The result of our national somnambulance? Official abuses exponentially increasing in criminality and frequency—and its all coming from a White House whose chief resident is an intentionally-created boob.

Think about it: Every president, from Lincoln to Clinton, appears stately in at least 90 percent of photographs released to the public. Wheelchair-bound FDR was never pictured as a weak, paralyzed old man; he was a strong leader defending the world against the axis powers. Even Bill Clinton, no matter how scandalous his life became, was seldom seen as anything but stately in his capacity as president of the United States of America.

We know that the public image carried by each president is carefully crafted by staff, advisors and a compliant press. We know that each president is a walking photo op and that only approved photos are allowed into the minds of the public. We have noticed in the past that, when a president’s approval ratings go down, the public relations arm of the White House goes to work remaking the president’s public image.

It is easy to infer that every photographed president is a construct of the political machinery surrounding him. Likewise, if that machinery determines that there is a problem with the president’s image, immediate steps are taken to correct the problem and attach to the president the image most likely to facilitate the sitting administration’s goals.

We can make the general observation that 90-95 percent of publicly-available presidential images from presidents Lincoln to Clinton reflect a degree of stateliness befitting the holder of the highest public office in the free world. We can also make the observation that 90-95 percent of the publicly-available images of President G.W. Bush characterizes the commander-in-chief of the most powerful military on earth as an idiot.

This is really easy to verify—just randomly pick from hundreds of pictures of President Bush and note that, on almost all of them, he is either posed in a compromised manner or has a dopey expression on his face. If Bush’s presidential image was a problem, the imagemakers in his midst would take drastic steps to solve it.

But they have not. Instead they make sure he is seen playing guitars while New Orleans burns or awkwardly pretending to care about little black children while a few miles away 10,000 black people are locked up in the SuperDome. More often than not, President Bush is frontpaged in newspapers all over the world with a smirk or some other inappropriate expression on his Alfred E. Neuman face.

The criminally-insane fascist, genocidal monsters behind the scenes have decided that the American people deserve to follow a moron off our national cliff and into a rightless, impoverished third-world abyss. So amused by our trance-like tolerance for their unrestrained taxing, poisoning, lying, warring, surveilling and imprisoning of our people, they pretend that we elected this non-qualified, inarticulate, non-reading, non-writing imbecile to be president; so consumed by their own lives and a false belief in U.S. benevolence, many Americans are too far off in la-la land to realize that the joke is on them as a nation.

Bush the boob. Bush the idiot. Bush the dope. Bush the smirking vacationer so politically-inept he cannot stand up to his cabinet or answer real Americans with real questions—not even one angry mother who wants to know for what noble cause did her son die in Iraq. Bush the poster child for Mad magazine. Bush the imbecile. Bush the soggy pile of spring-melt doggy-do being served up with a spiked leather glove and smooshed into the collective American face.

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