From the October 2005 Idaho Observer:

Knowing "Body Basics" exposes illogic of drug and vaccine solutions to a flu pandemic

by Ingri Cassel

Proper Digestion and a Whole Foods Diet - keys to immune function

Due to years of eating processed, pre-packaged cooked foods, most Americans have accumulated fecal material in their small and large intestines. Much of this brown sludge is a result of partially-digested cooked food and is a perfect breeding ground for parasites.

Your body will also accumulate waste if it is not getting the proper nutrients it needs and lacks sufficient oxygen, creating the acidic condition that is necessary for pathogens to thrive.

The first step is to do a colon cleanse. There are many out there. I still recommend the 7-day colon cleanse devised by Dr. Bernard Jensen and memorialized in his book, "Tissue Cleansing Through Bowel Management" (c.1981). Since then, several innovations in colon cleansing have come my way. Dr. Richard Schulze at or 1-800-HerbDoc has written the best newsletter on this topic, "Your Colon: Knowing what goes on in the last 5 feet can save your life!" (March 2002 Get Well! newsletter) and provides his clients with a very easy-to-follow colon cleanse that produces amazing results (See the April, 2002 Back to Basics column).

Recently I was made aware of an even easier 13-day cleanse that is disguised for food addicts as a 13-day whole food nutritional event called the Tri-Decathlon and described as "an inner run down the full length of the alimentary canal every day for 13 days." (See Whole Food Farmacy ad on this page.)

According to ASH founder Vickie Barker, who assists thousands in reclaiming their health, the latest medical scam is to perform a colostomy, the complete removal of the entire colon. According to the 2005 World Almanac, approximately 150,000 cases of colon cancer will be diagnosed this year with about 60,000 people dying of colon cancer in this country alone.

If you have never done any fasting or cleansing in your life, you will be much more vulnerable to getting whatever flu bug our government has decided to unleash upon us. You are also a prime candidate for colon cancer.

Colon cleansing is the first step to take in eliminating the breeding ground for a wide range of pathogens as well as parasites. Once you decide to do a colon cleansing program, it is easier to make the transition to a whole foods diet. Once you are eating raw, enzyme-rich whole foods, you need to learn how to eat properly. Master herbalist and naturopath John Christopher taught his students to "drink their solid food and chew their liquids."

This means that every thing we put into our mouth should be thoroughly mixed with saliva before swallowing it. Our bodies produce one and a half pints of saliva for digesting each and every meal we eat. Our saliva is what stimulates the production of our other digestive juices such as hydrochloric acid. After years of coffee drinking and washing our food down with water or milk while eating, most Americans have extremely poor digestion (Have you ever seen kernels of corn appear in your stool?).

Dr. Christopher’s simple solution for restoring our body’s ability to digest our food properly is to drink 20-30 minutes before each meal a beverage made with one tablespoon of organic and raw apple cider and a half a teaspoon of honey in 8 oz. of warm water. Each mouthful of this beverage needs to be swished in the mouth, mixing it thoroughly with saliva before swallowing. This simple remedy works wonders for chronic indigestion and heartburn.

Your Liver – master filter of your circulatory system

Your bloodstream and lymphatic system are barometers of your state of health. It is the liver that detoxifies the blood circulating throughout your body. Most Americans have gallbladders filled with gallstones and livers that are so "dis-eased" that they can no longer properly filter the many chemicals and toxins we are exposed to through our food, air and water. And many Americans have undergone gallbladder surgery, having this important organ completely eliminated from their body. For those who have no gallbladder at all, stones end up forming in the liver itself, further compromising its function as our body’s master filter.

Dr. Schulze also describes the liver as our life force and the main source of our energy. The liver synthesizes the sugar glucose from carbohydrates that we eat. Glucose could be called "pure energy" since it is used by our brain and our cells for the energy needed to run our bodies. Excess glucose is stored by our liver as glycogen and can be converted back to glucose whenever energy is needed.

The liver is a virtual natural chemical factory, making vitamins, clotting factors, amino acids and the cholesterol needed to produce steroid (sex) hormones and other important metabolic chemicals. It even makes vital lipoproteins. The liver also stores such energy nutrients vitamin B-12 and iron as well as vitamins A, D, E and K.

As you can see, keeping your liver and gallbladder in good working order are major keys in boosting immune function. There are a variety of liver and gallbladder cleanses that can be done to ensure the optimal functioning of these organs. Due to the constant barrage of chemicals and known toxins we are exposed to daily, periodic liver cleansing is essential to restoring and maintaining our health (See the May, 2002 Back to Basics column).

How clean is your bloodstream?

Live blood cell analysis and iridological examinations, when performed by qualified practitioners, are excellent tools for accurately diagnosing ailments and injuries in the body, toxic burdens and which body systems need healing.

One friend of mine was experiencing ill health for the first time in her life after returning from Peru. Since she was fanatical about eating organic foods, raising some food in her garden, and keeping pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines away from herself and children, I too was puzzled as to what could be the source of her ailments. I suggested she go on a fast that incorporated colon cleansing, a parasite flush and gallbladder flush.

She did a modified fast and cleanse but didn’t feel that this was the source of her problems. Exasperated, I sent her to Dr. Carol Geck, a naturopath in our area, for a more thorough analysis. Carol told her that she had an extremely toxic bloodstream—typical of someone who has been recently vaccinated.

My friend didn’t want to hear this, having a difficult time believing this could be the case. Later I found out that she was pressured into receiving the Hepatitis A and B vaccines prior to traveling to Peru.

How much sense does it make to inject a cocktail of pathogens, heavy metals, and known poisons into the lymphatic system where these toxins can access every cell in your body while polluting your bloodstream in the process? John Christopher always told his students that the bloodstream is the river of life. A bloodstream that is polluted by chemicals, drugs and vaccines cannot produce health.

Another friend of ours who sees Dr. Geck once or twice a year was told recently that his bloodstream was typical of someone who had been actively cleansing his bloodstream+. She asked him what he was doing. He told her that he takes vitamin C and oil of oregano daily.

So there you have it. One of the best ways to "protect" one from the flu or cold bug is to take 1,000 mg. of vitamin C daily (in powdered form mixed with juice) and taking a dropper full of oil of oregano that has been diluted with pure olive oil (See the February, 2003 Back to Basics column).

A good check to see where your body is in terms of being "susceptible" to an infestation of parasites or pathogens such as a flu virus, is the pH test that can be done first thing in the morning before eating or drinking anything. Pathogens can only thrive and multiply in an oxygen-deprived body with a pH lower than 6.0. Conversely, no pathogen can survive in a pH over 7.0

For our convenience, we keep test strips by the toilet in the bathroom. You can purchase a roll of pH test strips at your local drug store or online at If your body is over acid by registering a pH of 6.0 or lower, you are in need of a cleanse, a better diet and nutrients that will support your body’s ability to heal itself.

Ideally, with 7.0 pH being neutral, one should strive to maintain a pH between neutral pH and 7.4 so that harmful "bugs" cannot proliferate.

With the current flu hysteria being hyped by the media and our federal government, it is important now more than ever to get our body "temple" in order through colon cleansing, liver cleansing, a whole foods diet, plenty of purified water and the power of prayer. This column was started to teach people how basic healthcare should be when one understands how the body works and what steps one should take when experiencing any type of dis-ease. I firmly believe that the current CDC and Bush administration-promoted avian flu hysteria can only take hold in people who carry with them a general ignorance of basic health principles. Let’s face it: Our public education system has been controlled by social engineers whose goals do not include preparing our youth for responsible adulthood by becoming independently-thinking citizens. How many graduating high school seniors know their current legal status as a citizen, the basics of our legal system, how banking really works, how a healthy economic system functions and the fundamentals of how their body works? So far I haven’t met any young adults who have a grasp on these foundational issues and, sadly, most home-schoolers have not been exposed to this vital information, either. So, read the following and become confident that you have the ability to handle symptoms allegedly caused by species-jumping flu bugs. However, you should, by logical extension, become keenly suspicious of needle-wielding fear mongers.


1) Dr. Richard Schulze, Healing Liver and Gallbladder Disease Naturally, 2003.

2) Dr. Richard Schulze, Health and Healing: 20 Simple, Easy and Powerful Steps to Create a New Healthy Life, 2002.

3) Dr. Richard Schulze’s newsletter, Get Well! March and May 2002. Available online at

Note to homeschoolers: Make sure the above books and newsletters are part of your curriculum.

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