From the August 2005 Idaho Observer:

Global terror: Sherlock is on the case

It has been a month and still no one has been positively identified as being responsible for the July 7, 2005 bombings in London. No legitimate "terror" group has come forward to claim responsibility, either. Following is an adventure in deductive reasoning that is both entertaining and thought-provoking. In a few minutes, you will be closer to finding the real London bombers than the international law enforcement agencies.

by Allisone Heartsong

Watson: Holmes, I just received a call from the BBC, inviting your comments regarding the London terrorist attacks.

Holmes: You may inform the media that I am on the case, but that I have no comments to make at this time.

Watson: That is precisely what I told them.

Holmes: Good.

Watson: Of course, Iím quite sure that you have already made a preliminary assessment of the situation.

Holmes: Indeed.

Watson: Would you care to share your initial insights with me?

Holmes: Let us begin with the fact that there were multiple bomb explosions, each in a different location but all focused on the public transportation system in the center of London, and that those multiple attacks were carefully coordinated and timed to occur almost simultaneously on 7 July 2005, during the morning rush hour.

Watson: Right.

Holmes: Which clearly implies that these terrorist attacks, like others before them, were the work of professionals rather than amateurs.

Watson: Clearly.

Holmes: Let us next consider the fact that, like others before them, these attacks were obviously designed to kill or injure innocent common people in an indiscriminate manner.

Watson: Itís outrageous, Holmes! An absolutely outrageous atrocity.

Holmes: My dear Watson, while I share your compassionate feelings, I must remind you that, when we engage in judgmental emotions, we unwittingly close our hearts, which has the unwelcome effect of imprisoning our minds in limited thinking by depriving us of the intuitive insights and inspirational guidance that can only come from the heart.

Watson: Well, in any case, I certainly agree with your assessment of their homicidal intentions. Over fifty people killed, and many hundreds of people injured!

Holmes: From which we may deduce that these attacks, like others before them, were the carefully calculated work of cold-blooded homicidal psychopaths, who have a radically different orientation to life, which differs significantly from that of ordinary people.

Watson: Agreed.

Holmes: Now, before we consider the motive behind their crimes, let us recognize that these terrorist attacks are part of a global pattern, which is demonstrated by the fact that similar attacks have occurred throughout the world during the past several years in places as diverse as Israel, Germany, Japan, the United States, Bali, and Spain.

Watson: Yes, at this point, I think we can safely say that the pattern is global.

Holmes: As for the motive, we can begin with the obvious fact that the immediate aim of these attacks is to frighten, threaten, intimidate, and terrify the common people throughout the world.

Watson: That much certainly seems obvious. Fear is the primary reaction, although grief, anger, and grievance may also be involved.

Holmes: So the crucial question then becomes: what is the ultimate purpose?

Watson: That is clearly the key question, and I trust that you will be able to come up with the correct answer.

Holmes: In order to find the answer to that question, we must first ask another question.

Watson: Which is?

Holmes: When people are subjected to indiscriminate life-threatening attacks which are not only unpredictable but almost incomprehensible, what is the solution that they are most likely to seek?

Watson: Well, they are certainly going to respond by seeking some sort of protection from some kind of authority.

Holmes: Correct.

Watson: Either they will pray for God to protect them or they will petition their government to protect them.

Holmes: Precisely so. Some will rely on God to protect them, but the vast majority will depend on their government to protect them.

Watson: So what does that tell us?

Holmes: It tells us that the ultimate purpose of these worldwide terrorist attacks is to manipulate people through fear into depending on governmental protection, demanding governmental protection, and being willing to pay any price for governmental protection, even if it means sacrificing their civil rights and their personal freedoms.

Watson: Iím beginning to get the picture.

Holmes: So, to summarize the situation, what we have here is a professional group of homicidal psychopaths who are engaged in a systematic global campaign to terrify the common people throughout the world for the ultimate purpose of manipulating them into sacrificing their sovereign freedom in exchange for governmental protection.

Watson: In short, a worldwide protection racket based on Mafia principles!

Holmes: Itís a technique for subjugating people which Julius Caesar perfected long before the Mafia began to imitate his methods for exacting tribute.

Watson: I must say that the logic of your reasoning is impeccable as usual.

Holmes: Elementary, my dear Watson.

Watson: However, the picture that is emerging from your analysis makes me think of the global elite rather than al Qaeda.

Holmes: And why is that?

Watson: Different agendas. Essentially, the New World Order agenda of the global elite seeks to subjugate humanity in the guise of protecting humanity, whereas the agenda of al Qaeda seeks to defeat the global elite, whom they regard as the Great Satan.

Holmes: Exactly so, Watson. Exactly so. And I would like to call your attention to the fact that, whereas terrorist attacks may constitute a viable means for subjugating humanity, they do not constitute a viable means for defeating the global elite.

Watson: I see what you mean.

Holmes: So, when a terrorist attack appears to be directed against the global elite, we would be well advised not to be deceived by appearances, because it could turn out to be just another part of the global eliteís agenda for subjugating humanity.

Watson: That certainly could apply to the terrorist attacks which occurred in the United States on 11 September 2001.

Holmes: A classic example of the fact that there is more to this case than meets the eye.

Watson: At this point, of course, virtually everyone has been conditioned to believe that Osama bin Laden and his Muslim fundamentalist organization, al Qaeda, are responsible for all of the terrorist attacks.

Holmes: And how did that happen?

Watson: Well, after the terrorist attacks of 11 September 2001 on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, the controlled media did an exceptionally thorough job of convincing the American people that Osama bin Laden was the culprit.

Holmes: Not just the American people.

Watson: The whole world, practically. Everyone simply assumed that, if the Americans were convinced, then it must be true.

Holmes: Precisely.

Watson: Fortunately, there were a few people who were able to think for themselves and question the official cover story promulgated by the United States government and the controlled media.

Holmes: Such as?

Watson: Such as that courageous Frenchman, Thierry Meyssan, who was among the first to challenge the cover story with his book titled The Appalling Deception, which was published in March of 2002, just a few months after 9/11.

Holmes: Anyone else?

Watson: The next person that comes to mind is that intrepid American, Eric Hufschmid, who published a comprehensive analysis of 9/11 titled Painful Questions in 2002, followed by a video titled Painful Deceptions in 2003.

Holmes: The evidence presented in that book clearly refutes the official cover story.

Watson: I was particularly impressed by the last chapter, where he blames the American people for allowing their government to deceive them with yet another scam.

Holmes: Ah, yes. But how many people have ever bothered to read Hufschmidís book?

Watson: And then there is Michael Ruppert, who was also one of the first to challenge the official cover story with his video The Truth and Lies of 9/11 in 2002, and who then went on to publish his blockbuster book Crossing the Rubicon in 2004, which I regard as the ultimate 9/11 exposé.

Holmes: The evidence contained in Ruppertís book constitutes conclusive proof that the terrorist attacks of 11 September 2001 were an inside job. But again the question is: how many people have read it?

Watson: Videos seem to be the best way of reaching people these days; and during 2004, at least nine different videos exposing the 9/11 cover-up were published in the United States.

Holmes: Could you be more specific?

Watson: 9/11: The Road to Tyranny by Alex Jones;

9/11: The Great Illusion by George Humphrey;

9/11: In Plane Site by Dave von Kleist;

Fahrenheit 911 by Michael Moore;

The Great Deception by Barrie Zwicker;

The Greatest Lie Ever Sold by Anthony Hilder;

Hijacking Catastrophe by Sut Jhally and Jeremy Erp;

Exposing the New World Order by Terry Melton;

The Illuminati by Christopher Everard.

Holmes: Anything else?

Watson: The Power of Nightmares by Adam Curtis, a series of three videos published by the BBC in 2004, which reveals how the global elite have developed and orchestrated the conflict between American Neoconservatives and Islamic Fundamentalists for the purpose of keeping humanity trapped in a nightmare of fear and terror.

Holmes: By 1960, the global elite had already begun formulating their plan to instigate another crusade of Christians against Muslims, of which the British historian, Arnold J. Toynbee was one of the chief architects.

Watson: I suspected as much.

Holmes: Anything further?

Watson: Recent books include A Century of War by William Engdahl, A Pretext for War by James Bamford, The New Pearl Harbor by David Griffin, The War on Freedom by Nafeez Ahmed, Inside Job by Jim Marrs, and Alice in Wonderland by David Icke, all of which are excellent.

Holmes: So, how would you sum it all up?

Watson: I would recommend that everyone read the comprehensive 24-page summary titled The Report of the Citizens Commission on 9/11, which has just been published by The Idaho Observer.

Holmes: Do you think that the American people are ever going to wake up to the fact that the psychopathic core of the global elite are masters of deception?

Watson: Some are already awake and more are beginning to wake up, but I think the vast majority are still sound asleep.

Holmes: It remains to be seen what it will take to shake them awake.

Watson: In any case, itís painfully clear that the global elite have now succeeded in transforming the American Dream into an American Nightmare.

Holmes: Which has been a key goal of their global strategy from the very outset.

Watson: Gaining control of the American currency by means of the Federal Reserve Act in 1913 was clearly the decisive step.

Holmes: As Mayer Amschel Rothschild stated over one hundred years before that happened; "Permit me to issue and control the money of a nation, and I care not who makes the laws."

Watson: Many people now believe that Lincoln was assassinated in 1865 and that Kennedy was assassinated in 1963 because they tried to circumvent the Rothschilds by issuing treasury notes.

Holmes: That particular hypothesis could also explain the subsequent death of Kennedyís son as well as the assassination of his brother, Robert.

Watson: In retrospect, itís clear that the Emergency Banking Act of 1933, which covertly declared the United States government to be officially bankrupt just 20 years after passing the Federal Reserve Act, signaled the death of the American Dream, even though very few realized it at the time.

Holmes: And the essential thing to see is that by bankrupting, subjugating, and transmogrifying the United States of America, the global elite have also succeeded in transforming humanityís utopian dream of progress into a nightmare that now encompasses all of mankind.

Watson: Then you agree that our essential problem is the global elite rather than al Qaeda.

Holmes: Do you remember when I said that there is more to this case than meets the eye?

Watson: Holmes! Are you suggesting that al Qaeda is part of the global elite?

Holmes: What do you think?

Watson: Well, I know that the Bush family and the bin Laden family were business partners for decades and that Osama bin Laden was trained and financed by the CIA during the war between Afghanistan and the Soviet Union. Those are clearly established and well-documented facts.

Holmes: I am suggesting that the psychopathic global elite may be thought of as an octopus with eight tentacles, manifesting as the Jesuit Illuminati of Adam Weishaupt, the Capitalism of Mayer Rothschild and David Rockefeller, the Socialism of Karl Marx, the Communism of Lenin, Stalin, and Mao Zedong, the Fascism of Benito Mussolini and Adolf Hitler, the Zionism of Ariel Sharon, the Neocon Dominionism of George W. Bush, and the al Qaeda fundamentalism of Osama bin Laden.

Watson: God help us!

Holmes: It all began in 1776, when Adam Weishaupt, a Jesuit professor of canon law at the University of Ingolstadt in Bavaria, founded the Dark Illuminati for the specific purpose of infiltrating and subverting the Masonic Order. In 1780, just four years later, Weishaupt obtained the financial backing of Mayer Amschel Rothschild, whose five sons established branches of the family bank throughout Europe and quickly learned how to build their family fortune by financing both sides of every political conflict. Anyone who wishes to understand the Dark Illuminati core of the psychopathic global elite has only to read the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, which certainly does not reflect the orientation of the Jewish people, but covertly reveals the original agenda of the Rothschild Money Trust for all to see.

Watson: May God help us all!

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