From the August 2005 Idaho Observer:

Freedom !!!

by Hari Heath

August 23, 2005 is the 700th anniversary of the death of William Wallace, the Scottish patriot and subject of the film "Braveheart." Wallace is as much myth as fact. Mel Gibson’s version of the story portrays an honorable and valiant Wallace in a Hollywood epic, loosely based on the original story from the poet Blind Harry, first written down in 1477 and later published in 1508.

Other tales portray him as a ruffian and thief, whose skirmishes with the law increased after killing the sheriff who first came to enforce against his looting. His band of brigands grew with his notoriety until full-scale battles ensued.

Whichever version of the Wallace myth you may choose to believe in, the fact is, he led a force of commoners who eventually drove the English out of Scotland. He even sacked the northern English city of York. This was one of the rare moments in history when the common man was united under a cause and effectively drove out their oppressive overlords—at least for a time.

Wallace was ultimately betrayed by Scottish nobles allied with the English King and captured. On August 23, 1305 he was marched from Westminster Hall to the Tower of London, then through the heart of the city to Smithfield where he was drawn, quartered and his entrails burnt upon a fire—an English practice known as the "Traitor’s Death."

Most prefer the myth of Wallace as a patriot who led the Scottish people in a revolt which drove the English occupiers from their homeland. The fact is, 700 years later, he remains a legend whose story stirs the hearts of freedom lovers around the world.

David R. Ross, the author of On the Trail of William Wallace, plans a commemorative walk along the path William Wallace was paraded to his execution this August 23, beginning 10 am at Westminster Hall. If you’re in London, then you may wish to join him, or go somewhere and cry out: "FREEDOM!" at the top of your lungs.

Or better yet, wherever you are, start a revolution of commoners and drive the treasonist, terrorist, fraudulent impostor "government," and their minions in the administrative corps from the homeland of the free! Pro libertate!

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