From the August 2005 Idaho Observer:

Florida VacLib chapter squirreled away money until...

OCALA, Florida—VacLib Florida Chapter Director Wendy Callahan has been dreaming about an anti-vac billboard for over two years. A year ago she vowed to make the dream a reality and started squirreling money away—a dollar here, five dollars there. Last May, when she was getting close to having enough money, Wendy began calling around to find the right billboard company at the right price.

In May Wendy informed the VacLib network that she had had priced the cost of creating the artwork for the billboard and the cost per month to keep the billboard up.

Wendy’s enthusiasm was infectious and caused a flurry of activity among several people in the network to develop a powerful billboard message. VacLib webmanager Dewey Duffel in Montana and VacLib Arizona Chapter Director Kim Medlin really took the project to heart and can be credited with piecing together various components into the excellent design that now graces Ocala.

Though the text of the billboard is altered from the original (as memorialized in the VacLib postcards and business cards, available in quantities), the message is clear and bold—and it’s so near a McDonald’s restaurant that a high percentage of people in the area who need vaccine truth are going to find it.

The billboard cost about $900 for the first month and will cost $400 for each additional month. At this time it appears the Lamar billboard company is willing to keep the "Love Them. Protect Them. NEVER Inject Them" message up in this location as long as the monthly rent is paid.

As you can see, the only contact number indicated is the VacLib website. Dewey Duffel is monitoring the site to see whether or not there is an increase in cyber traffic that can be attributed to the billboard.

Since the billboard went up, Wendy has been contacted by the local newspaper and the big sign has made the evening news.

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